How DMVs Make Millions – Selling Your License Information


An investigation by ABC affiliate WFTS in Tampa Bay, Florida has found that the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is selling the personal details of Florida drivers to outside companies–and they’re making millions doing it.

WFTS obtained records showing the Florida DMV sold information on Florida drivers and ID cardholders to over 30 private companies, including bill collectors, data brokers, marketing firms, and insurance companies. Data brokers then generally go on to resell the information they’ve bought. WFTS says the records show that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles made more than $77 million for driver and ID cardholder information sales in fiscal 2017.

One Florida resident told WFTS that just days after her intellectually disabled sister got a Florida ID, she began getting direct mail offers for lawn service, credit cards, cell phones, and insurance, as well as constant robocalls.