Powerful Apps allow Control for…. Ever!


Many companies are creating apps and they are powerful.  They are convenient and offer ease of use to their product lines.  However, they may not have concidered the implications when not used in the manner that they originally intended.  Take the FordPass app. Ford designed the app for use by Ford owners to easily control some functions in their personal vehicles.  What they did not consider was that it could also be downloaded and used by people who were renting those vehicles for short periods of time — like from a rental car agency.  The App did not have a remove this car function — so once the app was downloaded and the car information put in — it allowed that person to control that vehicle until the app was removed from their smart phone.  That means that they can use all the control features provided in the app for that vehicle. This is just what happened in May 2019 when a 34 year old rented a Ford Expedition from Enterprise Rent-a-Car and to this day still has the ability to control the vehicle through the FordPass App on his phone.  Through the app he can start or stop the engine, unlock or lock the doors and even track the precise location of the vehicle. The thing to remember is that this vehicle does not belong to him nor is it in his possession.