Concerns About Effectiveness and Privacy and Limiting Facial Recognition Adoption

Facial Recognition is not a perfect technology and still needs some time before being widely used in societal applications until we get our hands around the issues of privacy, safety and our rights under the constitution.  Study after study are exposing the myriad of vulnerabilities in facial recognition technology. 


Facial recognition databases are often wrong and currently have a success rate of less than 70%. A track record of false postives like that is not worth the loss of privacy it could inflict.  


Then you get to the databases that hold these images which have added vulnerabilities, including widespread breaches and the ability for them to be sold. Is there anyway for us to trust that our privacy will be protected? No. Is there anyway we prevent the distribution of our facial data?  No. 


Then we also must consider the damage that could result if these databases are not properly secured.  A database of facial recognition data that gets hacked would result in unmeasurable damages.