The Convenience of Facial Recogition is not All Its Cracked Up to Be


As technologies advance many of them are sold to us as a convenience.  Nowhere is this more evident as in the whole face recognition for security arena.  Think about how much trouble companies have today trying to secure their systems. Almost every day we read about a company getting hacked or held for ransom.  With that kind of record, why would you trust them with any type of biometric identification that can never be changed? Passwords, Passcodes, PINs, etc. can be changed if they get stolen but not your biometric markers. That’s right — your face, your fingerprints, and your iris are unchangeable. Yes, companies jumping on board and allowing them to be used to authenticate employees, banks are allowing them to authenticate accounts because they are convenient well in this case convenience may come with a very high price. If the data descriptors of your face or fingerprints get stolen they can not be replaced but they can be used by cybercriminals and your identity may forever be compromised.

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