Nebulous Budget and Security Concerns Affecting Cloudy Decisions

Everyone is talking about “the cloud,” and many of the more prominent forecasting firms are saying that the revenue from this technology will exceed 350 billion in the next three years. However, I have been warning about “the cloud” for a while as it is just another name for someone else’s computer that you don’t have control over. There are some areas where companies can benefit, but it is not a total solution as some businesses are finding out. With all the regulatory concerns, many companies are taking a second look and are considering bringing their data back in-house.




In most cases, organizations uncloud because they face unexpected issues. Initially, the plurality of organizations migrated to the cloud to cut costs (31%) and ensure availability for remote workers (26%). However, the survey results show that organizations are ready to uncloud due to their inability to provide the desired level of protection (24%).