Businesses Must Understand The Intricacies of Cloud Security

It does not matter the size of the organization or the complexity of the operations businesses have been sold on the idea that “the cloud” is the answer.  For MGM Resorts they found out that the data they had stored on a cloud server was breached and the personal information of their customers was made available to cybercriminals worldwide.  Although they assured their customers that the data released did not contain personally identifiable information the hackers dumped personal details of hotel guests. The breach included the data of more than 10 million of their customers.  The cloud is the name of someone else’s computer. You have no control over the security of the data you allow them to access or store on your behalf but you do maintain all the liability for that data. Businesses must maintain consistent cybersecurity best practices to assure that the data they store and collect remains secure and our of the hands of cybercriminals.

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