Security First, Apple Stands Ground on iPhone Encryption

The Apple iPhone platform is based on security first. It is designed to be secure and private.  To do that they use a proprietary encryption system. While there have been private companies who have tried to break that encryption and police departments around the world have used software to exploit software flaws to break into iPhones it is not generally easy to do. In fact, an Israeli company called Cellebrite announced they can break into any iPhone and some Androids and the product is available commercially to law enforcement.  However, if that were the case, I doubt that AG Barr would be beating the pulpit asking Apple to help unlock the phones of the dead shooter from Pensacola. I commend Apple for creating a product that is secure and for standing their ground on privacy. While I support law enforcement, when it comes to these devices we have the right to be secure in our papers and persons. Once police are allowed to break into these devices for this case — they will want to open these phones they can.  Additionally, once a backdoor is installed the cybercriminals will exploit it. Thank you, Apple for standing up for privacy.


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