Big Data, Data Brokers and Your Information


Big Data brokers collect our data and establish “hidden” ratings about us before selling it to those who will pay. This information is used by marketers, insurance companies, credit companies, and merchants.  Companies buy this information to increase their revenue from the well connected big spenders while rooting out fraud that will cost them money. But, It can affect our lives in many ways that you may not have even thought about. Do you wonder why you always wait on hold for inordinate amounts of time yet your friend say “I got through to that company in less than 30 seconds?” Enter big data. These “secret scores” are by companies to determine if we are allowed to return merchandise or how willingly employees will be to assist us and even if the service we get will be cordial. Lower scores send you to the back of the queue while higher scores give you elite treatment. Some of these scoring companies keep scores on tens of thousands of different factors yet they keep this data from you. These obscure companies have files on everyone and sometimes their information and conclusions about you are not justified and that can be a problem especially when the information is negative. The attached article outlines some of the largest data brokers along with how you can retrieve the information they have on you.


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