Unique Ransomware Variants are Actively Propogating

Ransomware is up and getting more and more popular as a mechanism for cybercriminals to make money. There are many strains of ransomware out available to cybercriminals. One current variant in use is called “Lockbit.” It acts differently from other types because it doesn’t rely on a human hacker. Lockbit is self-spreading ransomware. In traditional ransomware a hacker must be in the system and manually looking for data they want to ransom. With Lockbit, the hacker must only be in the system for a short time to locate the person who has the level of system credentials required to get into all data. All it takes is a weak password, and the attacker has all the system rights they need. If you want to prevent ransomware then be sure that you have strong, long, and unique passwords that you use multi-factor authentication as part of your credentials and other defense-in-depth measures in place.