What have I been telling you about “free” stuff? Turns out this popular anti-virus software was tracking and selling you!

We have talked about this for years. Security costs money, and good security costs real money. And when companies offer services for free or low cost, there is always a catch because there is always a cost. 


Turns out that Avast is one of those companies, and documents have just revealed just how they are making money off you. According to documents uncovered in a joint investigation, Avast repackages your highly sensitive browsing data for sale. This detailed data includes behavior tracking, clicks, and precise movement history across websites, and they are marketing it through one of their subsidiaries to some of the largest marketing and data brokers and research firms. 


These companies understand how valuable your information is and are willing to pay six figures for access to it. 


When it comes to security Free is anything but Free.