Employee Training Key to Spotting Existing and Emerging Threats

We have entered a new phase of sophisticated frauds that can devestate organizations.  Knows as Deep fake fraud, hackers use machine learning and other artificial intelligence tools to manipulate voice, photo and video data to carry out their criminal acts. 


It seems that almost every time we turn around there is another free, easy-to-use piece of software that can generate synthetic audio a person’s voice saying things they have never said, or videos of that person doing things they have never done. This software can create fake videos that are so highly realistic

That they can trick someone into believing what they are seeing or hearing is real. 

Deep fake technology has gotten so sophisticated that it can match the tonality, grammar, breathing and verbal and facial tics and they are almost impossible to distinguish.  


Then they create a fake paper trail that can be used to verify the information and presto — scheme complete and companies are sending money to fraudulent accounts.  The three major threats to businesses are social engineering through audio-visual impersonation , extortion such as the fabrication of fake videos or audio of executives that use existing damaging rumours or fabricate new scenarios, and market manipulation such as precise and targeted publication of a deepfake that tanks the companies stock.  As you can see the resulting damage can be severe. Failing to do prepare by training your employees may lead to irreparable damage to corporate reputation, profits, and market valuation.