Don’t Share Email Passwords. Poor Design is causing Mac Keyboard. Apple Announcements – AS HEARD ON WGAN : [09-12-18]

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Have you had problems with a keyboard on your Mac?  If so, listen in as I discuss with Ken and Matt the design issues that cause it and what Apple is doing about it.It’s Apple Announcement day.  Ken and Matt and I talk about why there is not much innovation!  Just some new incremental improvements.Did you know that even in this day and age — Employees are sharing Passwords.  I explain to Matt and Ken why this is a practice that MUST stop.Craig is putting up a new insider site (Yes, it is free, but you have to sign up)  On it will have all his special reports that he puts out and you will be the first to get them.
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Airing date: 09/12/2018

Poor Design is causing Mac Keyboard. Apple Announcements. Don’t Share Email Passwords.

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, Howdy, Howdy, everybody. Craig Peterson, here. I was on this morning with Ken and Matt and we talked about a couple of different things. We talked about the Segway drift e-skate. Are these things, maybe, finally going to get Segway fully on the map. More about the business email fraud attacks and some of the things that go on there. What you have to watch for in your business when employees, maybe they’re sharing their e-mails, maybe they’re trying to do a couple of things they shouldn’t do. And of course, a couple more things you never get away free with Ken and Matt. But, this morning they were a little bit more talkative, which is good. I tried to make them talk as opposed to just having me lecture them. You know, it’s I don’t know if you ever been in a studio before when our shows live like this, but if you have a guest like me that you know and you know can handle the whole segment by themselves with no problem oftentimes that’s the time when you eat the donut or get the coffee or do more research for your next segment. So, I don’t know if I did them a favor or if they’re mad at me now, cause I made them respond to me in the middle of the segment, a few times. Anyway. I should mention that if you’ve had problems with a mac keyboard, one of these Mac Pro keyboards, boy they’ve been a real problem for a lot of people, and I talk with Ken about that as well, because his mac keyboard, kind of failed on him and he ended up having to leave it at the Apple store for a while. So

[00:01:31] We talk about that as well. The Apple keyboard and the Apple announcement coming up today.

[00:01:39] Ok, we’re back again. It is 737 on the WGAN morning news, here on a Wednesday morning. Good morning to you. Ken and Matt here, and so is Craig Peterson, our tech guru, who joins us at this time every Wednesday. Craig, how are you this morning?

[00:01:52] Good morning y’all.

[00:01:54] Y’all, are you down in Texas you must be down South somewhere.

[00:01:59] No, Southern Maine in the south y’all. Y’all, all y’all both. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:02:08] It’s a word. I’m from Oklahoma and I know it’s word. I never thought y’all was a friend of mine. You know you do. Do I understand that Apple’s ‘gonna have an announcement today, by the way, are they doing there. We could hear something new from Apple today, by the way.

[00:02:26] Yeah, you heard about that. I did

[00:02:28] Yeah, there isn’t a lot of rumors out there about that there company. Yeah, here’s here’s what we expect. Apple has been kind of sitting on their hands when it comes to a couple of their products. One of them is their Little Mac Mini, which I use. I use one in my studio. There great little devices, but it really hasn’t been updated in years. Their Mac Pro has not been updated since 2013, and I have one those as well. So, we are hoping they’re going to start making some announcements about that. Although the Mac Pro looks like it will probably be next year. But on top of that, they are going to have some phone announcements and those are going to be interesting. I’ll be on top of that, we can talk about it more next week. But, they are expected to come up with a lower-priced iPhone. Which is going to be good for a lot of people that want an iPhone. Basically, want the reliability and the security, and they are talking about some of the rumors have them using both thumbprint and the face scanner on some of the phones. So it’s going to be an interesting day. There’s a lot of potential announcements, Apple might come up with. And I think one of the most interesting things is like you remember the iPhone. What was the Six SE?

[00:03:51] Which was the lower price phone that they came up with.

[00:03:56] And, it didn’t do very well in the market, but apparently they’re planning on doing something similar with the iPhone 10 having an inexpensive version of it. So, we’ll see if that does any good or not. But, yeah that will be coming up, midday today as Apple has all of their fall announcements.

[00:04:15] By the way, I should mention I have a MacbookPro that I just got about a year and a half ago and I had I had a horrible experience. And, I, you know I love Macs. But the key point your keys were falling off right and left, I brought it in and they replaced one and, then I had a guy in the Genius Bar who I happen to know, who said to me you know it’s not really publicly known but they’re replacing keyboards because they’re really defective. So, and I think they had it for 10 days not me not having my computer for ten days. Like going through a heroin withdrawal. But, just like a divorce. Yes, exactly right but it’s not. It wasn’t really publicly known that these keyboards really defective. Oh yeah.

[00:05:00] It’s called the butterfly keyboard and it has to do with the mechanism and the keyboard. Now, Apple has been telling people that, you know if your keyboard isn’t working properly, it’s because you got food or something into the keyboard and technically, they’re right because anything even two fat keyboards fail. Its frankly, between us, it’s a bad design. And Apple has come to recognize that it’s a bad design enough that their new MacBook Pro has a keyboard that has one little difference in it which is enough to keep all of the dust and crumbs from food out of the keyboard. So, in other words, they recognized its a problem, they fix the problem, but they are not usually very helpful about replacing your keyboards for free when they fail. So, I tend to think that it really is a design problem. Apple should replace all of them. I suspect eventually may end up replacing all of those keyboards. But there’s you know about a year and a half, two years, where you got to be really careful with those keyboards because almost anything will make this silly thing fail, Ken. So, you’re not imagining things and your genius friend is not either.

[00:06:19] It is a real problem is getting reported all over the place we’re talking to Craig Peterson our tech guru who joins us at this time every Wednesday to give us an eye on the world of technology. Do people share passwords?

[00:06:34] Yeah. They still do. Who falls for that in this day and age. Are these the same people that have joint Facebook accounts? You know like Tom and You know Jane.

[00:06:42] Yeah, yeah, exactly. This is silly in this day and age. You’d think you’d know better. But this is true in a lot of small businesses, like Ken and Matt, you guys both have small offices, right.

[00:06:54] Right. And that means you’ve got a couple of people working there, a few people a handful, and in most cases, everybody knows everybody.

[00:07:03] What could possibly go wrong? I’m going to be on vacation next week. Here’s my password. So, somebody if someone e-mails. You can go ahead and follow up with them. Well, in this day and age, we’ve got this huge problem of business email compromise and the FBI came up with a new number on this, and they’re showing now that we’re over. This is crazy. Guys, I hope you sitting down, in the last two years more than 12 billion dollars has been stolen from small businesses. Cash was stolen — 12 billion of it. It’s incredible when you think about it. One of the things companies are doing their people are doing is sharing their e-mail passwords. This just makes it that much easier for the bad guys to get at your money. And here’s what they’re doing with a business e-mail compromise and we’re seeing it all the time we keep getting called into companies saying something weird is going on with my e-mail. So, we come in we have a closer look and we find out, yes, you’ve been hacked. So, when you’re going on vacation, people, do not share your passwords. Which means in advance of people being out for the day or on vacation, If you have an account for, let’s say you’ve got somebody who is responsible for billing, or payroll or sales, or whatever it might be, Do not have a single e-mail account that people send the mail to in other words you don’t send mail to Joan in accounting.

[00:08:46] Ok, you send mail to town team and have accounting set up not as a shared mailbox but have accounting set up. So, Joan has an e-mail box that gets all of the accounting e-mails anything sent to accounting. That way when Joan goes on vacation John can go ahead and get those accounting e-mails delivered to him. Do not share them, take my word for it. We could go to a lot of detail on this. But there are a lot of reasons not to share passwords. You don’t know if you are familiar with this Stat here, Matt, but we’re talking about a lot of people. One in five employees on average, according to a new survey that just came out, of switch fast, one in five employees are sharing their e-mail passwords with co-workers. That’s absolutely huge. When we’re talking about small to medium business getting hit with nearly 4000 cyber attacks per day.

[00:09:49] It’s crazy. And, if you’re in a couple of businesses, you guys know anybody that’s in real estate, of course. Yeah, the number of attacks against real estate offices, small real estate offices, e-mail attacks has increased 1000 percent in the last year. 1000 percent and other categories of small businesses are up 400-500 percent and on average over everyone is up 25 percent. So, Matt, don’t let your employees, Ken same things don’t share e-mail passwords, get your e-mail set up the right way. Do not use shared e-mail boxes, either because you can’t tell who did what? When did it happen? And, the biggest problem is, if you get an email from “quote” the CEO asking to have a vendor paid double check with the CEO. Make a phone call to them. make sure really is the CEO. Make sure she really did want to have that money transferred. Because nowadays it’s almost as likely, that it’s a scammer doing it, so be careful. Pay attention. It’s not just anti-virus anymore, you’ve got to have just layers upon layers of security and people need to pay a lot more attention than we used to.

[00:11:12] We are talking to Craig Peterson, our Tech guru, who joins us Wednesdays at 730 and on Craig Peterson dot com and get all the information anytime you want. You know I’ve always wanted a Segway, and I’ve never gotten one, but it is now a Segway e-skate. So, I can have a hovercraft like Back to the Future. They promised us to have a hovercraft. Never. This is exciting news.

[00:11:36] Yeah, that was a few years ago was supposed to be out. Yeah, this is kind of cool, because it’s our neighbor, of course, to the west in New Hampshire in Manchester New Hampshire. Dean Kamen started the whole Segway thing and boy was that a big P.R. push. But Segway has come up with something that’s better, even cheaper now within about a 300 dollar price point. You can get skates. Now, these are not rollerskates, OK. You don’t strap these things onto your feet, but you stand on them, they’ve got nice wide wheels on them. They look like they would be pretty good for maybe a warehouse or someplace that doesn’t have a lot of curbs or bumps or anything. But you just stand on these things and basically balance. If you can keep your balance standing on one foot. I would say, this is my opinion if you can stand on one foot and mostly keep your balance you’ll do fine on these things. So you just stand on them and lean forward a little bit to go forward and you lean back to go backwards. You can step off of them very easily if you start to lose your balance you step off of one of them and they’ll stop going forward. So, it’s yet another Segway which is kind of cool. These things will go up to seven and a half miles per hour, which is kind of cool. Kind of scary, all at the same time. But you know kind of bicycle speeds, not race in a bicycle but a nice little place down the road. And they’re hoping that these new little what they’re calling drift e-skates are going to finally be one of the general popular populous adopts. Because instead of Costing you five grand these costs about 300 and they should be out very soon now. So, we might even see some in some stores by Christmas, this year.

[00:13:29] Wow. All right Craig Peterson, our tech guru who joins us at this time every Wednesday. Appreciate it, Craig. We’re going to talk to you again next week.

[00:13:37] Gentlemen, take care. Bye-bye. Thanks.

[00:13:40] Now his plan on making September here my nugget month is going to be releasing these little nugget videos that were very to the point nice and short talking about some of the main things that you should be doing and being aware of as a business person. But, I have had so many new clients that I just haven’t had the time to do them. So I’ve been taking care of my clients I guess that’s why I have to put the priority right. The people that are already paying me and everybody else we’ll get to it. OK. I just haven’t had the time. I have to apologize. But keep an eye out. I still plan on getting those nuggets going here within the next week. So, take care. And we will be back on Saturday, with my regularly scheduled Saturday radio show.

[00:14:27] Take care. Have a great day and the rest of the week.