AS HEARD ON: WTAG – FBI Router Warning and GDPR: AS HEARD ON – WTAG NewsRadio 580 [05-29-18]

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FBI has been warning everyone to reboot your routers.  This morning Craig speaks with Jim about this router vulnerability and why the FBI is serious about this.

GDPR is now fully instituted in the EU.  Craig and Jim discuss why US companies might need to think twice about their security.


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Hi, Greg Peterson here this morning. I spoke with Jim Polito a little bit about this big problem. I don’t know if you’ve seen it. It’s been all over the news. But the FBI for almost a week now has been warning people about rebooting the routers. So we talked about that in some detailed. In fact, even my mom reached out to me asking what she should do. So one of the things I’m going to be doing and we’ve already started to working on is coming up with a list of things that you can do new routers you might want to consider and maybe even consider an upgrade, try and get the better equipment instead of just the stuff that’s meant for home users that you should not be using in any sort of business settings. So we’ll put all that together. We’ve been doing more work on the GDPR compliance which is this European privacy thing but compliance for us businesses. Do we have to how much do we have to do same thing about


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applies for Canada and Australia. But anyhow, here we go with Jim from this morning, the FBI puts out this warning. Hey, you gotta you gotta get your router at home. You got to reboot it. What’s going on?


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Yeah, you know, last fall in October, we had a real big deal going on. And you remember that? Well, I’m sure yeah. Where we had a major vulnerability. And what was kind of interesting about the vulnerability last fall was that all of our routers that we have the home routers and even some professional other doesn’t work it’s different were the Wi Fi on them was going to be hackable and it was very, very happy. Now today what we have is an FBI warning. And of course the the whole info guard program we were warned about this report came out, but I was shocked how quickly the FBI got it out, and they’re warning people


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That we’ve got a serious problem on our hands. And I want to just kind of wrap this up just slightly up a backwards here because we are already in the throes of world war three. I know we’ve discussed it, but it’s it’s a cyber war


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I’ve got to remind people of that, okay, because I see small businesses using these home routers, yep. And they use them, you know businesses. I stand on businesses that are making 20 to $50 million a year you kidding? I’ve got that kind of a setup.


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They do. They they went down to staples and and they bought they bought a router. You know, God bless them for having cheap routers for people who can afford that could have decent stuff. But you can’t do this anymore. People you cannot do this. We have to wake up and what happened now.


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Is there has been a vulnerability that that my guys over at Cisco talents have been tracking for about a year and a half. And this this is kind of a general thing, General type of vulnerability. And they’ve been tracking it primarily initially in Africa. And then it all of a sudden started to spread dramatically into Europe, the United States, Canada, the rest of the civilized world. And, you know, I worked with the FBI and one of the things that I do is if I have a client that Chad that has been hacked, right, yeah,


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usually these are new clients, right, because right now, but your existing clients don’t get hacked. Yeah, exactly. But they the FBI are bringing them in of the here’s what we found is these indicators of compromise


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and the FBI isn’t looking to prosecute these companies in the figure out what happened, why did it happen right, and they found out exactly what happened.


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here and it turns out that pretty much every whole brain router out there


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is completely vulnerable. And most of them are many of them anyway, maybe even a half of them have already been hacked. Okay, great. Oh,


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so here’s what happened, okay. they’ve they’ve gotten me into these routers. They’ve used an automated process. They take some over, this is a multi stage attack, and then they can use your router to do some nefarious things. One of the things they’re doing, Jim is they’re taking all of the data from your business, all of the data from your home, and they are routing it through Russia.


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And what the reason they’re doing that the reading the through leisure is they’re grabbing interesting information, they’re grabbing, social security numbers, bank account numbers, logins to your bank, etc, etc. And then they’re using that


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information now, the FBI kind of reverse engineer that they’ve they’ve put the kibosh on it to a degree. But here’s what they’re recommending you do and if you if you don’t have a good out, or if you don’t have professional equipment, and I gotta tell you, Jim, when we are talking about better than 90% of businesses out there were some company Good, okay, like we just put under proposal for us, we’re redoing the network again, here’s another client, new client of ours, they were hacked when something good and comfortable putting in has a guaranteed seven years support cycle. So Dell Dell for seven years. If there’s some vulnerability, they’ll update the software to improvement.


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Exactly. And they and they do it quickly. They’re on top of it. Now, you and I talked to before what do I like right, we will back them up


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Professional stuff if you can afford it get get the good Cisco stuff Meraki. That’s what I work with all day, long and half years, years, decades, actually. Okay, if you can afford the system, Rocky get it if you can. One of my favorites devices out there. And I would suggest if you have a router and it’s a few years old, it’s time to go out and buy something new. Okay, look, look at the next year or be okay. It’s a really nice unit. Now it allows it’s a little more expensive, but it allows you to have better coverage in your house. JOHN do a whole lot up with it. You can get it at Amazon, many other places for a three pack from these guys. Three devices. It’s 300 bucks. Okay, so what’s your name again?


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This is RV or be okay. That is what you recommended to me or be Yeah, yeah. Well, we talked about this


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Before it is so and it’s no good


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if you don’t have it, reboot your router. You’ve got to power it all the way off. And we’re back on at least weekly,


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least weekly. Right now. That’s what the FBI telling us. And this is I believe them in this case, right? Yeah. I guess if they’re saying and I like it when you say it, because then I know okay, I’m paying attention. But yeah,


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or if it’s been updated next year’s keeping this one up to date, it can be remotely updated. It is not difficult. They’re not terribly expensive or vi the next year or be home mesh Wi Fi system. It’s not the best in the world. I would not advise businesses to use this at all because you you could have your bank account empty die. I know personally a case a company $45 million was stolen.


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Don’t saying that you’re if you’re a business it but if you’re a home user and you can’t afford the the thousands of dollars that it costs to get a good router with built in detection and stopping the bad guys will get this Orbitz a nice little box. I Craig. So all of this information plus a lot of other stuff that we didn’t get to is available from Craig Peterson. Now he doesn’t pester you it doesn’t do anything. All you have to do is text him My name to this number Craig 855-385-5553 855-385-5553


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standard data in text rates apply. He will not pester you when there’s important stuff going on. He will update you. And of course every week you’ll get this great information from Craig Peterson. Craig, thank you so much for your time, buddy.


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Hey, thanks Jim. Bye bye. Always a pleasure. Okay, folks. Don’t go anywhere. A final.



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