Microsoft Recommending iPhones – What Should You Do With Your Old iPhone – Upgrading iPhone: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [01-22-19]

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Craig is on with Jim Polito talking about iPhones – how Microsoft is recommending it, what to do with your old iPhones, and upgrading your iPhones.

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Airing date: 01/22/2019

Microsoft Recommending iPhones – What Should You Do With Your Old iPhone – Upgrading iPhone

Craig Peterson: 0:00

Hey good morning everybody. Hopefully you got my emails I sent one out Friday I sent one out on well it sounded Of course my regular email but that special report that I put together you know the free one that talks about how to freeze your credit is available now and it’s going to be a you know it’s going to make a big difference in your life. I ended up reaching out as a member of the great and powerful media community in the press I reached out to the four major wrist credit reporting agencies out there and I talked to them about what the best ways are to protect your data okay well you got to all this personal information this latest hack 750 million records found online and probably wasn’t one hackers probably bunch of data put together all of that stuff in one box 750 million records it’s just crazy so you got to make sure that your data is safe that it’s all kept safe and what’s the best way to do that they told me I put together the special report I’ve got a free upgrade to you can get the special report better free upgrade coming this Friday I’m going to do a one just one webinar we’re going to answer your questions I’m going to review the whole thing explained it all and that will be live on Friday and if you take the upgrade you’re going to also be able to get that replay of it so you can work through it later on again so hopefully you got that if not send an email to or check your spam box your junk box. Make sure is in your contacts. Okay, this is important. And I’ve got a lot more special reports coming up. I’ve got a really great offer coming up here in the first week of February. So keep your eyes out for that as well. And everybody have a great day. I spoke with Jim this morning all about the iPhone. So if you’ve been wondering about upgrading, if you have a Microsoft phone and you heard the latest news, or even if you didn’t hear the latest news, listen in because here we go with Jim

Unknown 2:14
man, one of the most popular segments on the show. And I’m talking about our friends at Tech Talk guru. Craig Peterson. Good morning, Craig.

Unknown 2:24
Hey, good morning. You know, it’s it’s too bad. That great looking guys like us. You know, our faces don’t come through. But at least our voices are there, right.

Unknown 2:37
You and I could scare varnish off a mahogany table.

Unknown 2:42
You know what I mean? You know what happened?

Unknown 2:48
You’re very handsome man. Craig. Just like me. How about

Unknown 2:53
two very young, very young to Yes,

Unknown 2:55
very young. Hey, I want to call an audible here much like Tom Brady does. Every once in a while. When he gets up to the line of scrimmage and changes his mind.

Unknown 3:06
In the past couple of weeks. My Apple

Unknown 3:13
iPhone 6 has been 6S or whatever it is, has just been. It’s telling me Jim, I want you to put me down. You know what I mean? It’s it’s telling me that and and I said to Kathy God, I hate to spend money on a new phone. And she said, Well, ask Craig Peterson what he thinks. And I said, Well, I yeah. I said, I’m going to tell him. I want apple. And I’m going to tell him that I don’t think I need the apple 10 or whatever it is. So right now I’m with a six. Craig, what would you recommend? I do? Because I know there’s a lot of other people out there who have the same dilemma right now.

Unknown 3:57
Yeah, well, in fact, I don’t know if you heard about Microsoft is small software company up in Seattle.

Unknown 4:04
rings a little bit of a bell. I I noticed that bill Bella check. had one of their tablets. Yeah, during Sunday night’s game, and he threw it if that means anything, he actually threw it. Yeah,

Unknown 4:18
he’s done that before. This was

Unknown 4:20
not because the tablet wasn’t functioning those because the ref wouldn’t pay attention to something he was showing him on the tablet. But

Unknown 4:29
yeah, well, it’s at Microsoft. And, you know, they’ve come up with some all kinds of me to products that include that Surface tablet that was advertised like crazy on the game. Because of course, they had to keep going to replace and they they had Microsoft Surface all over the replay.

Unknown 4:48
But Microsoft has one of the things is their phones, right? They’ve got Windows Phone, and it’s the bend the answer to so many people that just they love and adore windows. And it’s what they’re used to supposed to be compatible. Yeah, exactly. Well,

Unknown 5:09
about a week ago, Microsoft announced that, hey, switch to an iPhone,

Unknown 5:17
we’re not going to have Windows phone anymore. Microsoft is is completely killing off their windows phone line. 100% gone.

Unknown 5:30
So if you thought about switching to Windows 10 Mobile on your Windows Phone, it’s time to have a serious look at the iPhone or maybe an Android phone. Because the Windows 10 Mobile support page says that they’re going to stop sending as of December 2019 this year. So you got almost a year it’s going to stop sending new security updates, non security hot fixes, there will be no more free assessment support options. No technical content updates from Microsoft available unless you pay extra

Unknown 6:07
so it is dead. So Jim, you’re constantly one this is I think this is a great tactical move move from Microsoft. Because Come on. There is one phone out there that that people should buy today. And right now that the iPhone, so you’re right to say, Hey, listen, I’ve got this success. Yeah, what should I do next? It probably should be apple. And apparently Microsoft agrees with you.

Unknown 6:36
Hey, listen, if I can get Bill Gates to agree with me that I’m all set. That makes me that makes me brilliant. Oh, yeah, that’s right. He’s not running the company anymore. is he now? So then? Okay. So then I don’t listen. You know me. I don’t want to, you know, spend a lot of money I just needed decent, reliable phone. I don’t need it to make my coffee in the morning. I need because I can’t do my job. Without it. It is it is my show prep. 24/7. Is that device in my hands. So it’s

Unknown 7:15
amazing. Yeah, well, there’s a couple of things you could do here. So let me run through the options because I’m sure there’s a lot of listeners kind of in the same boat right now maybe looking to get out of Android space because it is so dangerous. But here are your options. First of all, Apple has introduced that policy now for very inexpensive battery replacements. And that means as a rule it’s less than 50 bucks

Unknown 7:43
done it already I took the deal that you said to take and I put put the battery in for 30 bucks.

Unknown 7:49
Right, even better back then. Absolutely. So that’s your first option for people to consider. The next option is if you are really tight for money most carriers have deals on last two generations sometimes even three generations of Apple phone okay so most of these carriers will give you for cheap money you know just we’re talking about some of them have even had deals for a box for an iPhone seven Now unlike Microsoft and Android the seven still going to be supported for a few years to come. Right so it’s not a bad thing I have an iPhone eight Yeah, I like you did not get the 10 the eight has the same internal gap as the iPhone can get. Ok now the new tans the XR and the access Max and stuff those guys have a little bit faster guts but I can tell you the iPhone eight as the great new camera technology not the absolute latest greatest but it’s phenomenal including the real smart portrait mode it even has a processor dedicated to taking pictures Jeremy it will make you a phenomenal picture taker

Unknown 9:10
wow I’m already actually I’m not bragging a good photographer

Unknown 9:14
Well there you go

Unknown 9:17
I know how to compose a shot so wait a minute because my friend Peter who’s a regular listeners iPhone 6. Come on Jim time to upgrade to the x axis

Unknown 9:32
if I was in the market today I

Unknown 9:34
Peters a wealthy man. Peters a very well, yeah,

Unknown 9:37
there you go. I would not get the access. And part of it. Reason is, I don’t like the newest technology. Here’s the tech guys saying I like to stay a generation or so behind unless

Unknown 9:50
somebody else feel the pain, right. So seriously, consider the iPhone eight. It it’s a great phone. And I’ve got to put the burden for Apple to say have dramatically decreased some of the costs options here on the new iPhone axis. And one of them is that you can trade in your older iPhones and get even as much as $300 towards the purchase of a new phone. Wow. And look at the rental options. Because some carriers like T-Mobile, for instance, have a rental deal works an extra depends on the phone, but tend to only it’s $30 a month for one of these brand new iPhone access with the facial recognition. And so then what happens is if if you keep the phone and keep reading it for two years, it’s yours. And if you decide to leave the plan, you just return the phone. They’ll give you a new one if you want to under the rental agreement. So look at that if you can’t afford the files of dollars or more even for the newest latest greatest phone look at the iPhone eight and look at rental option for the iPhone tense. But me personally right now, today, I would do an iPhone eight. And if money was really tight, and I could get a great deal on an iPhone seven. Have a serious look at that too. And refurbished phones from Apple come with really great warranties. So have a look at that as well. Because there are repurpose phones available from Apple. And you can save a ton of money by doing that.

Unknown 11:29
I got my answer. And that was a great segment. I know that we didn’t get to the stuff that Craig sent me. But I knew that I know that other phone and I can tell now by all of the messages I’m receiving from listeners, Craig, that that was a big deal for everybody. So all the stuff we were going to talk about fear not you can get it you can get it every single week. Did you hear me every single week because Craig puts together all of this information. And all you have to do is text to my name to this number 855-385-5553. 855-385-5553

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standard data and text rates apply. But you get all of this great information. And if there’s ever a big issue, there’s a hack. There’s a Oh, one of the credit reporting agencies gets hacked. Craig Peterson is there by your side to tell you what to do. And he doesn’t charge you for this. He doesn’t sell your name to anyone. And he doesn’t take advantage of the fact that he has your cell phone number by bombarding you with texts. So do it. It’s it’s worth it. And Craig, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate the good advice.

Unknown 12:59
Thank you, Frank German and good idea to follow Cathy’s advice too.

Unknown 13:07
Bye Bye. Thanks

Unknown 13:08
Craig Peterson everybody one of the most popular segments on the show when we return a final word you’re listening to the Jim Polito show, your safe space.