Why Delete Whatsapp – Travel In Europe: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [03-26-19]

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Is Tuesday and Craig is back on the Jim Polito Show. This morning, Craig and Jim talked about Craig’s travel to Europe. They also talked about why people should delete WhatsApp now.

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Airing date: 03/26/2019

Why Delete Whatsapp – Travel In Europe

Craig Peterson: 0:00
Hey, good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. This morning I was on with Jim Polito. He just came back from quite the tour of Europe. And oh there’s my puppy. Hi, Velma. I got a Great Dane name Velma.

Craig 0:15
She wants to say hi. Yes. Anyhow, he had a great tour of Europe, particularly Italy. And I also had some time going around Europe. We talked a little bit about that. And very quickly, we hit the WhatsApp story for this week. And there’s of course, a whole lot more that you’ll find online on my website. today. I’m also putting together the last module for this current course a bonus module on website security, how to secure your website, or if you make websites for other people how to secure their websites as well. So all of that man, what a week this week. I’ll be back of course every other day this week, except maybe Sunday. But the real there’s always news when it comes to tech and security. So here we go with Jim.

Jim Polito 1:06
He’s our good friend, and he’s been patiently waiting. And that’s why we love him. We just can’t get enough of them. I’m talking about our Tech Talk guru. Craig Peterson. Good morning, Craig.

Craig 1:19
Hey, good morning, Jim. It sounds like you had a great trip. I’ve been to Europe before but it was focused on Belgium and France. My wife and I, we rented a car. And we had a data plan for our phones. And all we did is for one month. We drove around. It was random. Where do we want to go today? And we used Hotwire to find good hotels. I was shocked that Hotwire worked over there. We found good hotels based on the ratings right? You have to ignore the stars, right? A five star one star whatever. And but these are rated hotels by people who use Hotwire. We drove around and we went everywhere. The castle that they had from Beauty and the Beast it was based on down in southern France. And of course, he went to Provence and we went down to the Met. And that was the first time I ever saw one of these toilets. That’s basically a piece of porcelain in the floor. 

Jim 2:21
Yeah. Lovely. Lovely.

Craig 2:25
That’s it. How could you ask for anything better? And there was stalls and you know how stalls here, the you know, the toilets, or the stalls around the toilets. They’re like a foot or 18 inches, whatever off the ground. And you can kind of see if someone’s in there. Like the airflow. They had the same thing. And they’re like 18 inches off the ground. Oh my gosh. But Jim, that was the best time I think my wife and I have had just taking the time. Yeah, I could still feel do work. I called in to your show from France.

Jim 2:55 
Oh wait a minute. Yeah.

Craig 3:04
I don’t think I mentioned that.

Jim 3:04
No, no. But I remember when you were away because Danny will give me a heads up. Like when you’re traveling for business. And when you’re traveling for pleasure, he always gives me a heads up like, you know, like bear in mind. Craig’s away. Okay.

Craig 3:12 
On the road, yeah.

Jim 3:13
So careful.

Craig 3:15 
It was it was just so cool. The good news is I can still speak French after 40 years. Because I remember my education was in French schools. Right? My high school.

Jim 3:31
Right. Your High School was French.

Craig 3:34
Yeah, exactly. So I, you know, I stumbled a little bit of man is it come back fast. But what a trip and we went right to Italy, just barely, right there. And then, you know, in the Alps and stuff. But we didn’t make it down. But we’ve got to do this. You have to look into going with you all and in March.

Jim 3:54
We’re going on Ireland, Craig, we’re going on. it’s Gaelic and garlic. Now look, before I run out of time.

Craig 3:53 
Oh sorry.

Jim 4:01
No, no, no, it’s not your fault. I could go on for hours, and I did about the toilet. But I want to hear this from you because I use WhatsApp. And you sent me this information. And by the way, folks, this is going to be an abbreviated version with Craig. But you’re not going to miss out because if you text him my name, and he’ll give you the number at the end of the segment, you’ll get all this information plus a whole lot more. And I was getting updates while I was in Europe, which was great. Standard data in text rates apply. So the WhatsApp co founder says Mark Zuckerberg, is trading privacy for revenue. What What is what’s going on? Is this just a fight between two Silicon Valley giants? Or is there some truth to this?

Craig 4:57
Yeah, there is truth to this. It’s amazing to me now it’s two faced, right. And we certainly seen that a lot in the news lately, especially in the political arena. But here’s this guy who sold WhatsApp to Facebook. And he made I don’t remember what was the sales over a billion dollars, I remember that much. It was not exactly pocket change. And so he sold it to Facebook. And he had always wanted to keep the basically your information private to allow you to enjoy you know, the conversations and stuff you have with friends without having advertising. Yeah, in the middle of it and everything being really obnoxious. Well, he’s warning right now, because of some things that have happened at Facebook. And Facebook. Of course, they allowed over 150 companies, including Netflix, Spotify, and Bing in December of last year came out to access this crazy amounts of user data, private messages, even all of this right. So if you think your messages on WhatsApp are private, it allowed Bing for Microsoft search engine to see the name of all the Facebook users friends without their consent. Amazon, Facebook, allow them to obtain users names, contact information, their friends, their posts. Yahoo could view streams of friends post. And as of last year, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon could all get user’s email addresses through the frenzy, you know, and it goes back and back right things that happened in September, etc. So now he’s coming out after he made his billion dollars. And he’s saying, Hey, listen, guys, I founded WhatsApp with a certain corporate sense that we wanted to keep our users information safe and secure, and not have you nailed with advertising all of the time and not giving your information away. And he’s saying Mark Zuckerberg is doing the exact opposite in the values that WhatsApp was founded under.

Jim 6:47 
And WhatsApp you use in Europe, because as long as you have WiFi, you can do you know, talk, if you don’t want to go get a data plan or something you can use that to talk to people.

Craig 7:04
Yeah, you can. And nowadays, most carriers, Verizon T-Mobile, etc. They will allow you to make calls over Wi Fi as well. So you can use your regular phone, you can receive calls while in Europe, if you are on a Wi Fi hotspot of some sort. WhatsApp is great about that. iOS just came out with a release yesterday and their Facetime application that group calling fixed and is now working again. So you could use that over there except for the fact that they had disabled it because of a bug. So.

Jim 7:45
Yeah, I saw that I was getting those updates a while while I was over there. But excellent. Craig, I’m sorry, this is short. And we’ll make it up to you next week. But we can make it up to everybody right now. Because Because everything else we were going to talk about, including Michael Cohen, all of these different things. He’s got some great, great info for you. And all you have to do is text my name to this number.

Craig 8:13
855-385-5553. Just text Jim to 855-385-5553.

Jim 8:22
That’s right, standard data and text rates apply and Craig will not annoy you. Not in the least. Craig Thanks so much, buddy. We’ll catch up with you next week.

Craig 8:26 
Take care Jim.

Jim 8:27 
Take care. All right, Craig Peterson everybody and final word when we return. You’re listening to the Jim Polito Show.

Craig 8:42
Always a fun time. Make sure you subscribe by the way, go to http://CraigPeterson.com/iTunes and subscribe there. Or I think you can go to http://CraigPeterson.com/SoundCloud. I know you can go to http://CraigPeterson.com/TuneIn. There are a lot of options for everybody out there. But do subscribe. It really helps our numbers. And that helps us also to move up in the charts because it’s just subscriptions that really matter. Thanks. Take care. Bye bye.