5G – Not Ready For PrimeTime…Yet!


Technology is ever-changing, and new and improved technology is consistently released and models refreshed or introduced. The next significant advancement coming our way will be in cellular technology and the launching of 5G networks. However, don’t rush out and replace your current smartphone with a 5G enabled one just yet. There is significant potential for 5G technology, but it is not ready for primetime, however. These towers are just beginning to go up and get turned on, and for now, it will only be useful in a few big cities when you are outside and within relative proximity to a tower. Until fully implemented, it does not make sense to purchase a 5G capable device. The 5G phones available now will not be able to use the eventual 5G network because they are not capable of tuning up the 5G channels required to benefit from the advanced speeds of those new networks. These networks will be rolling out over the next two years as new airwaves become available. Unfortunately, the marketing departments are pushing engineering to get phones out, but the truth is the networks are not ready to support them. I think it will be late 2020 or early 2021 before we see a stable 5G network that will be generally available to the masses.


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