I was on with Jack Heath on NH Today this AM and I talked with him about Shipbuilding and how ships have been built since the 15th century.  That may sound like old tech but there are lessons that we can take in the high tech sector that will help us be safer. So here we go with Mr. Heath.

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Jack Heath 0:00
Here is Craig Peterson with a high tech or Tech Talk check-in Good morning, sir Craig, how are you?

Craig Peterson 0:06
Hey, good morning.  That was good news about Kate there. Glad to hear that. That’s really kind of cool. Yeah. Yeah. How are you doing? So let’s break. Well, I’m looking right now and I talked a lot about this on my show on Saturday, but embracing the chaos. You know, we need to learn something as business people in the government about principles of shipbuilding that we’ve been using since the 15th century. Shipbuilders expect failure. They expect to have leaks, they expect to have problems run aground, maybe even worse and get hit by one of these world waves. When we’re building our networks and our security, whether it be some of the less regulated things like our voting machines, or maybe it’s our business our homes, we have to remember that ultimately, breaches are inevitable. We need to kind of embrace this chaos. We have to design things to be able to handle the inevitable failure. And unfortunately, when we’re looking at things like our elections right now, the US government is regulating balloons the kids play with more than they are our voting machines that are out there. So we’ve got to be careful about that jack and, and they put 250 million dollars of Feds just passed the Senate approved a $250. Two and $50 billion spending bill down protected 2020 elections. But both the NSA and the FBI are warning us that, you know, the bottom line is not enough, because we are under attack and our 2020 elections are really going to be heavily influenced by our friends, the Russians and the Chinese.

Jack Heath 1:51
Yeah, they seem to be adept at it. All right, Craig. All right. Anything else on the tech front?

Craig Peterson 1:57
Yeah, real quick here. If people want to check out my site, I’ve got a really good article on how to detect a phishing site, how to know that your target or what you are, that site you’re on isn’t real. And another one about the myths of multi-factor authentication In other words, where you can set it up so the website verifies that you are who you say you are when you go to log in, maybe using text messages or something else. Those are both up on Craig peterson.com.

Jack Heath 2:25
All right, thank you, Craig. Craig Peterson, thank you very much for this Monday morning. Get us going on the tech side.

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