Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath and we discussed the political perceptions of the electorate in the age of Social Media and how it is affecting our decisions. Here we go with Jack. 

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] You remember it was your Tesla. You’re getting updates over the air. Over the internet, new software, new features impact your Tesla might be better next year than it is this year, just because of a software update, cheap electric cars, repair bills that add up farmers having to maybe throw away $800,000 tractors.

And we kinda got into it this morning with Mr. Heath. Usually, my hits with a Jack are short and sweet. Here we go, Craig Peterson and Jack Heath.

Jack Heath: [00:00:34] All right. Joining us now with a tech talk update, Craig Peterson. Craig, what a new Tesla’s coming out?

Craig Peterson: [00:00:41] Yeah. Hey, maybe it’s car talk today because yeah, we’ve got a couple of things about cars and talk about, first of all, Elon Musk has been busy.

We know this guy with his Tesla cars. He’s been trying to drive the price down, at least the cost of manufacturing down, and the main way he’s been working on that is through announcing what we’re calling a million-mile battery, a battery that will last a lifetime of one of these electric cars. They potentially could get a million miles because it’s electric motor versus all the mechanical systems.

What he is doing right now is, he has announced at least within three years, he plans on having an electric car that will cost $25,000 and he says this vehicle is going to be fully autonomous. Just phenomenal things here. We’ll be talking more about this on my show Saturday at 1130.  With the battery cost down substantially, it’s getting more affordable for anyone who might want an electric car.

Jack Heath: [00:01:45] Interesting. Of course, Tesla, what a ride that is no pun intended. All right. Anything else for us, Craig?

Craig Peterson: [00:01:51] Another point here is you buy a car, when does that car outlive its usefulness to you and to everyone else?  If you buy a computer, it gets to the point where it’s time to upgrade. You have to not just upgrade the software, but the hardware.

How about these cars? These computerized cars nowadays. There’s a big fight and down in Mass right now on a bill, actually this ballot question one on right to repair, again.

They passed a law in 2013. We tried to pass one in New Hampshire last year, which didn’t make it out of committee very far.  The problem is if you have one of these cars and the manufacturer decides not to support your model anymore, after some number of years. Or the dealer wants to charge you a crazy amount of money to do something simple, shouldn’t you have the right to repair that vehicle.

They’re trying to open up the cars to the point where a regular auto mechanic shop could buy some equipment that would allow them to fine-tune the vehicle.

Remember with your Tesla, you’re getting updates over the air over the internet, new software, new features. In fact, your Tesla might be better next year than it is this year, just because of a software update.

So question one is going to be interesting in Mass this year, they’re trying to open cars up even further. The car dealers and manufacturers are saying, Oh, no, we can’t do that because of security problems. If we allow the mechanics to get into the guts of the car, What’s going to happen?

Those are some big questions coming up ahead here, but that $25,000 Tesla sounds pretty interesting.

All Right.

Justin McIssac: [00:03:37] I was going to say, Jack, that Rights to Repair thing has been a huge deal, right?

Well, not only Mass but in the Midwest with John Deere has been in a fight for years with farmers because those tractors have the same sort of software in them.

The farmers have gone to having their tractors hacked so that they can get them fixed rather than buying a new $800,000 tractor. It’s been a whole big thing.

Craig Peterson: [00:03:58] It’s expensive. Isn’t it?

Jack Heath: [00:03:59] I heard a spot in one of the areas wherein terms you decided to go to a local shop versus.

 All right. Craig, Thank you very much.

Craig Peterson: [00:04:05] Take care.

Wow, did I get a ton of responses to my newsletter? Went out this weekend a little bit later on Saturday. I didn’t get it out, quite, first thing in the morning on Saturday, a little slow this week. You guys have been extremely responsive. So I’m very happy about that.

Probably the biggest response I’ve had to a newsletter. So if you haven’t read it, check it. I’ll check it out right now. I tell a story, about something that happened Friday to one of my customers. It happened about two weeks ago and it’s a type of thing that puts somebody out of business.

In this case, all of a sudden his orders stopped coming in. Anyways, we’ll look at that. I will have another little quick video this week. At least one I’m trying for two. But you know how it goes.

 Of course, I’ll be back tomorrow and Wednesday.

 I’ll be back this weekend with a new show, but it might be a repeat, depends on how the week goes.

Cause it’s a holiday weekend coming up and there’s always stuff to do.

Take care, everybody. Bye-bye.

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