Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath this morning. About the information that came from Niel Ferguson at the Imperial College in the UK. Here we go with Jack.

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Craig Peterson: Hey, good morning everybody. Craig Peterson here. The man that started this whole Coronavirus thing over there in the UK. Turns out he’s more of a, frankly kind of a scammer than anything else. I talked about that this morning with Mr. Jack Heath. In fact, he’s such a scammer. He didn’t even obey his own rules. We also got into a little bit about what should businesses be doing now that we have been in that lockdown mode for a while now.

[00:00:31] Jack Heath: All right, Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy checks in. Craig, how are you this morning?

[00:00:36] Craig Peterson: Hey, good morning. I don’t know if you’ve seen what’s going on right now over the UK, but this Neil Ferguson guy, he is the researcher that went ahead and said, Hey, listen, I’ve got all of the stats to prove that, you know, millions, 2.2 million people will die in the United States.

[00:00:55] 500,000 will die here in Europe. he stepped down from his post over at the Imperial college, because he was caught breaking this quarantine. And now we’ve got people who are trying to find out more about the Imperial College, where he was working, and they have refused a freedom of information act request for the original source code that was written.

[00:01:22] 13 years ago, and it’s described by people who have looked at it as a tangled mess of spaghetti, of undocumented steps. No discernible overall structure. And developers would make, would have to make a serious effort to try and understand it. And if it was unreviewed by a Ph.D. committee in computational epidemiology, it would have.

[00:01:47] Being completely rejected with just a cursory review.

[00:01:52] Yeah. That’s interesting. A been a debate a long time on this one. What else is cooking?

[00:01:56] Jack Heath: Oh yeah. Yeah, and it’s blind trust, right? And that’s part of the problem here, but it’s really time for businesses to take another look. To relaunch your remote teams.

[00:02:07] You know, we’ve been working from home now for a couple of months. It was all rather an emergency. We’re using software that may not be best for our teams. We don’t have policies in place, even meetings. How often should we be having them? How should people be managed? We all have to take another look at this right now because working from home is going to become a reality in the future as well for more companies than we’ve ever seen it before.

[00:02:35] Craig Peterson: It’s interesting. Yeah, just think stuff, Craig. And of course, is always the scams, right? Always the scams

[00:02:42] Jack Heath: and keep an eye out for those because we’re seeing a massive increase in some of the scams as much as 300% and right now. People work at home. Here’s your biggest problem. The scams are coming in these phishing emails that are trying to get people to click on this clickbait, basically, and because the people are at home, somehow their guard is calm down and they’re clicking on things ever more than they ever have before, which is causing serious problems for businesses.

[00:03:16] So everybody working from home. Take a quick look at the email that comes in. Maybe look at it a little deeper if it seems to be suspicious because right now it’s become such a problem that there are estimates that as much as many as 98% of all of the computers out there right now are infected, and the number of.

[00:03:38] People who would have been using these cooked paints and cooking on them has gone up. We even have template websites right now that the bad guys are using. This gives them input for the world health organization, all of our UX agencies to make it even easier to steal from us.

[00:03:56] It looks so official. Right? Right. It’s so official. Just don’t get it. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Craig Peterson with an O N Craig peterson.com we’ll catch you soon, Craig. Thank you.

[00:04:05] Jack Heath: Financial exchange a little bit later on US Senator Jeanne Shaheen on New Hampshire today.


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