Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath this morning. We discussed video conferencing and the problems with the Zoom platform.  We also talked about Zoom bombing and how you can prevent it if you insist on using the Zoom platform. I do recommend the WebEx teams platform because it is currently the only one that meets the security required by these regulatory standards for businesses.  Here we go with Jack.

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But if you want to stop these Zoom bombs, there’s a couple of things to do. First of all, every Zoom meeting has this nine-digit meeting ID. So number one, don’t post that up online. Don’t share that everywhere.

Hey, good morning, Craig Peterson here with Jack Heath this morning. I went through the productivity and collaboration tools that you should and those you should not use. You know, my opinions about Zoom, I’ll even tell you some of the things you can do to help secure it. So here we go with Jack.

Welcome, Craig Peterson of Tech Talk. Craig, if you’re on Zoom and doing some of these other things that people are looking into, how can we avoid that?

Yeah, there’s a lot of people that started using Zoom. It’s been around for a while. A video conferencing platform that allows you to get many people together to talk in separate offices. I’ve been using it off and on fact, and used it for some of the FBI InfraGard training that I did for years. It is the default chat platform, and what you’re talking about is something that’s become known as Zoom bombing. It is where someone joins in on your Zoom meeting that you did not invite. Schools that have been using Zoom have seen people get in and shout profanities at the teacher and then drop off. Some of the meetings have had pornography dropped into the middle of them. There are some things you can do to stop that. But first, you must understand that you should never, ever use Zoom for any meeting where you are discussing confidential information. It is illegal under most Federal regulations or for any regulated industry. So keep that in mind. If you want to stop these Zoom bombs, there’s a couple of things to do. First of all, every Zoom meeting has this nine-digit meeting ID. So number one, don’t post that up online, don’t share that everywhere. And Zoom does have an option to generate a new random meeting number for every meeting. So check that out as well make sure you use a random meeting number, never use the standard meeting number that you use for your private room. Then the next thing you want to do is turn on the waiting room option so that people can’t just join in before you show up and then sit there and lurk, which can be a bit of a problem. And then you’re going to want to set a password on the meeting as well so that people need the meeting number they need the password to make sure that they are And hopefully authorized to be there at the conference. And then you can also if you want to lock it down once your session started and people have joined, you can click on lock meeting. Now, remember there are recordings of these meetings. If you’re downloading your chat log is going to include private chat that you had in that particular Zoom meeting. So you might not want to share that log with everybody out there. And if you are looking for more security or even more simplicity, consider FaceTime, which comes with all of your Apple’s iPhones, etc. There, they now have group chats of up to 32 people with end to end encryption, which by the way, Zoom does not have and then the best option for online meetings that are needed to be secure. And this is according to wired. And although I do sell WebEx, it is WebEx and Cisco. It’s a group calling tool. It gives you video calls for up to 100 people for the lower end, aside and all up to 10,000. So there you go. Those are the basic Oh, and one more. Google has something called duo. And that will give you a group chat of up to 10 people. So FaceTime, if I were putting together ad hoc meetings afterward, I would use the Zoom use random meeting IDs set passwords. What about and don’t let?

Go ahead? No, Craig, what about what about Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is something some people have been using a lot of schools have moved away from Zoom because of the problems. And we’ve been helping some schools with the WebEx teams. Microsoft has it’s a relatively new product, called Teams. I know schools and other organizations that have moved to it. The advantage to one of these teams platforms over something like the Zoom is that But it gives you a collaboration tool as well. So you can have those meetings have face to face meetings. You can share files, and you can have conversations, you can have multiple spaces or team rooms. Again, WebEx is the only one certified for secure communications. But Microsoft Teams and WebEx teams are both excellent platforms.

Alright, Craig Peterson, excellent, excellent stuff this morning. Craig Peterson with an “ON” dot com for more. Thank you, Craig. Take care. Hey, w

Hey, we are going to be starting up again this week. For those of you who have already been attending some of my little video conferences, some of the training. Because it’s all linked together, I decided to do something a little different. If you haven’t already signed up for one of these webinars. I am not going to be notifying you about the upcoming webinars this week. We’ll repeat them here. Probably Another week or two, but you missed the boat on that I’m afraid. We’ll have some replays up and stuff for those people, again who have been attending. There’s like 150 or so. And that’s as big as I want it to be right now. Because I want to be able to answer people’s questions in real-time and before we hang up and keep these to a maximum of an hour and a half. So, if you have been on them before, you will probably get an email from me unless I’ve messed something up, in which case you probably want to reach out to me, but I’m going to be doing some webinars and some pieces of training and stuff every day. This week for those people. Yeah, those people. I guess that’s better than you people, right. Take care, guys. Have a great day. I will be back tomorrow with Mr. Jim Polito. Bye-bye.

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