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Businesses are being targeted by Cybercriminals more and more in fact cyberattacks against US businesses are up 75%. Listen in to find out more.

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More Than Three-Quarters of US Businesses Are CyberAtttack Targets

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Hello, welcome back, Craig Peterson here on WGAN. And of course live streaming as well. We’re on tune in, we’re on iTunes, we’re on Soundcloud all of the audio places that you might want to listen to the podcast. And hey, if you’re a podcast fan, I’d love it if you would give me a five star rating, just go to Craig Peterson dot com slash iTunes. And that will take you right to iTunes, still the 800 pound gorilla out there. And on iTunes, it will tell you right away, hey, here’s Craig’s podcast and you can rate me hopefully, as I said, five stars. leave a note about what you learn every week. And if you could, I love to hear from you. Tell me what it is you’d like me to to cover on the show or maybe one of my trainings. And I would love you just to email it to me at Craig Peterson dot com. But putting in a five star review on iTunes is going to help us get this show out to a lot more people. And we continue to grow every week, I really appreciate that. We have a lot of people who have signed up for my weekly emails that I’ve been doing for years now. I’ve got about 3200 articles posted at Craig Peterson. com. Let me tell you, there’s articles about almost everything there, including all of my latest, my latest podcast. So you’ll find all of that there on my website, Craig Peterson calm. Also, if you sign up this week, for my email list, I’m going to provide you with that 10 page, password special report. And that’s where I go through all kinds of details about passwords. And what you should be doing with passwords, I debunk the myth of the random passwords. It’s a link that matters. But I go into all the statistics, all of the new findings. And you know, some places are still going to require you to have those random passwords. And we take care of that for you as well with the password managers and things. So it is an absolute must have would love it if you signed up. And you can do that by just going to Craig Peterson dot com. Also, I send out reminders about the show via text message, I take questions there. And you can always text me now, if you want to be on that list where I’m sending out emergency alerts about emergency patches and things, you can just go ahead and text WGAN to 855-385-5550 three, this is my special insider SMS list. There are about 1000 people on it. And I’m glad to have you on that list. But I tell you about my latest newsletters when they come out, you can listen because I’ll send you pointers to my podcast. And I will let you know when there’s a major security vulnerability that you need to know about. So again, just text, you can send your email address, you can send your questions, but if you send WGAN add you right to my list, just send WGAN to 855-385-5553. And you’ll see this as well. On the bottom of my screen, I got a lower third up that is going through and talking about some of this stuff. Anyhow, that makes that simple. Let’s talk about businesses for a minute. Our businesses, of course, are the backbone of the economy, right? A without business, there would be no economy out there. And when we get right down to it small business is really where things happen. big businesses, let’s face it, they are rarely innovating anymore. Most of these big businesses, and this even includes Apple by companies. So what they do is they let these poor schmucks like me, who are going to invest every dime that we have that maybe we shouldn’t be investing the poor schmucks like me figure out, Okay, what works, what doesn’t work, what is the market going to accept or not accept, and they may let us get take some Angel money, some venture capital money, by that point, the founder of the company, is basically a slave working for nothing anymore.

Because by the time that company is sold, all of the equity is going to be totally gone. It’s a terrible, terrible process to go through. And I know guys that have gone through it. And one woman I know, well, who has gone through this, but you know, it’s a real problem. And it’s a real problem when these smaller businesses that are the backbone of the economy, were the ones that create the most jobs, were the ones that innovate, were the ones that hope that maybe we’ll get bought out, or maybe we’ll have a cash cow, right. This is where we are betting our retirement is on our own businesses. And we the small business person are the major target of the bad guys. These hackers don’t you just want to kill them. The these hackers out there, who are killing our businesses, who are taking away our retirement savings, that money that we needed, so we’re not going to be out on the street, Heaven knows if Social Security is going to survive. And if we get one of these socialists in power, then man who knows what’s going to happen, it’s not going to be good, that’s for sure. But we’ve got everything tied up in our businesses. And we have the bad guys coming after us. We were just talking a little bit earlier here. This one with the first two articles and showing them to the camera right now. business email compromise attacks, Spike 269%, over the last quarter, why you should lie in your password recovery questions, passwords, passwords, passwords, right? very big deal, because we’re being attacked. business email compromise is about businesses. So now we’ve got an article from ZD net, that you’ll find out by Craig peterson.com. And it’s saying that 76% of us businesses, I’ll pull this up on the screen for those people who who are watching live or on in replay, but 76% of us businesses have experienced this cyber attack in the last years. And small medium businesses, small medium enterprises in the US are a favorite attack target for the cyber criminals. This is absolutely huge. The Parliament Institute, these are guys that study these trends in the computer world, they study these trends when it comes to cyber security. But they have the 2019 Global state of SMB cyber security report, I have a copy of that myself. And it’s saying that 66% of small medium businesses worldwide have reported a cyber attack within the past 12 months. And 76% of those included in the survey are based in the United States. That is absolutely huge. 76% of us businesses have experienced a cyber attack, have you? Do you know, if you have experienced one, you know, most businesses don’t know for about six months that they’ve have been attacked? And by then, how are you going to be able to determine what was stolen, what they did, how they got in, right? Nothing’s left, right, your logs are all gone. versus when when we’re doing this for companies that have requirements, federal government requirements and others right for whether they’re military or financial or medical practices. We know usually within six hours, and it is not just do we know within six hours that they’ve been attacked, but we if they’ve been penetrated, we know it. And we’ve backed out any viruses or other malware that’s penetrated in all within six hours versus six months, which is the norm in the US. So it’s six months when you’re using some of this, you know, the Norton software, some of these other pieces of antivirus software, they just don’t work. So this research was based on responses gathered from 2300 participants in the IT and cyber security industry, based in the US, UK and some other countries. So they’re saying that for the third year in a row, SM bees are reporting a significant increase in cyber incidents. This is absolutely amazing. 69% of businesses in the US 69%. So let’s say 70%, let’s rounded on 70% of businesses in the US say that they have lost sensitive corporate or customer information within the last 12 months. 63%. That is huge. And I can tell you that that it’s got to be true, because we are seeing more and more businesses coming to us that need help because they have lost their intellectual property, or they’ve lost their customer information. Now that 69% of businesses that have lost sensitive corporate customer information that’s used to 9% figure, it is an increase of 50% from four years ago. So it is going up, it is getting worse. And unfortunately most people don’t know what to do. And I understand it right? Because are you’re hearing these ads, you’re seeing these ads you’re being told that you’ve been taken care of. But you’re not. It’s a very, very big deal. So you know, if you had your suspicions about whether or not your security was good enough, I can say with a fairly high degree of certainly certainty it is not okay, okay, your security probably needs some help. So 45% of respondents said that their organizations it posture is in effective. And 40% said there’s no formal incident response in place to deal with the aftermath of a breach. So if you’re one of those companies that does not have an effective cyber security policy in place, which means multiple layers of security, it means logging, it means people looking at these alerts while you’re not abnormal, because 45% of the respondents said they know they don’t either. And you know what? The 55% that said that they did have an effective cyber security policy and procedures in place. They’re lying, right? Many of those are lying, it’s just not true. So keep that in mind. Right? You’re not alone there. You can get started. You can take care of these sort of things. The most common forms of cyber attacks that SMEs are facing this is again according to the part of my Institute. Fishing right we talked about that this already this show compromised or stolen devices and credential theft. So stolen devices in particular problem in that a lot of employees are BYO Dean bring their own devices to work. And smaller companies probably aren’t investing in the handsets for employees. So you can’t ring fences security there’s you know, there’s a lot to talk about. If you have questions about this as always, you can just email me at Craig Peterson calm, be more than glad to talk to you about this stuff. send you a couple emails, send you some of the reports who might have etc. Just me at Craig Peterson calm. And of course you’ll find me online at Craig bitter som calm and sign up right now this week. And you will get my cyber security special report on passwords a 10 page special report on what to do and comparing password managers. 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