With the shortage of IT professionals you would think that an IT Admin would not be so dumb but alas….

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Do you remember what a joke Apple Maps was? QG remember this, you’re listening to Craig Peterson here on WGAN. And online at Craig Peterson calm? Well, you might have heard some of the stories drew stories about Apple Maps back when it first came out. And one of the stories has to do with a couple in Australia using Apple Maps to get somewhere. And it took that couple way out into the middle of the desert, and basically stranded them there. So bad, bad news, they really got a black guy. And the rumor is that Steve Jobs got all of the people who are in charge of the Apple Maps project into one room and ask them why there was this failure, why Apple Maps was so terrible, and fired everybody, everybody that was shared in that room. And that’s the rumor. And I have seen a few times different articles that actually explained that yes, indeed, this was true, he really did do that. Yeah, so I’m not sure I would want to be, I’d want to be in that room, if I’m pretty sure I would not want to be in that room when you come right down to it. But those types of things happen. And over the seven years that have passed, since Apple Maps was the laughingstock of the world, they have gone to the point now, where there really are replacing Google Maps on the iPhone. Remember, when you’re using ways or Google Maps, both owned by Google, they’re tracking you, and they’re tracking you, they’ll give you some helpful information sometimes about hey, here’s some things you can do in the city, here’s some restaurants you might want to go to, etc, etc. But now, Apple Maps has those features. And even more, Apple decided to not buy data from third parties, which they attributed to be some of the problems they were having with Apple Maps. And I have seen at least two, maybe three occasions, personally, an apple map car driving around, and it was very busy looking at all the goings on around it and doing the old scanning thing. It had the LIDAR on it and, you know, very, very impressive technology that they were using, very similar, again, to what Google Maps had. Now, Apple has not done as much as Google has, when it comes to detailed maps and some of the other countries, but they have really leapfrogged Google, when it comes to some of the technology for looking where you’re at where you’re going be able to see a true picture of where you’re going. And it has really upped its game. So you might want to have a look at it. Again, if you haven’t used Apple Maps for a while. It’s got some cool new changes as a part of iOS 13. You can do the navigation, of course, get turn by turn directions to swipe hop, you can share your eta, if the other guy has iOS 13 that has some very cool features. If they don’t, it’ll just send text messages. If there are changes. It’s got the look around feature. So a bunch of new, very cool features over there. The father of identity theft, this is from dark reading, great website for some of his security stuff. But this guy, his name’s James Jackson, he’s a 58 year old Memphis resident. And he was using the identities of deceased people to steal money from banks, and from the estates of these various dead people. And he was just convicted of 13 counts of male frog aggravated identity theft, access, device fraud and theft of mail. He’s now facing 30 years in prison, his hearing for sentencing is going to be December 13. If this is huge here, here, in one case, you authorize the sale of more than $340,000 from an individual’s investment accounts. That’s that’s basically probably someone’s entire retirement, which gets us to, again, understanding security. But before I talk a little bit about this quick start again, I want to get into this because this happens more often than it should. This is a vengeful, IT administrator. Now this has happened before it will happen again. In fact, it’s happened far too often. In this case, this 40 year old was hired back in 2016. And he was apparently tipped off that his employment with this company he was working for was going to be terminated and and so he chose to leave his mark

on these resources the company had before he left. Now this company was hosting their software, their services on Amazon Web Services, which a lot of companies are doing nowadays. People look at AWS is a panacea that they can use cloud services and everything’s going to be wonderful that everything’s going to be backed up, it’s going to be online, it’s going to be reliable, it’s going to be cheaper. That is not always the case. In fact, it is often not the case. Well, according to an affidavit that was filed in this particular case. This guy’s probing the network began on around December 7 2016, and continued after he was terminated. That is really the very big deal here continued after he was terminated. Us prosecutors said that not only did the Maryland based engineer sabotage the US Army chaplain corps servers by deleting all administrator, and user accounts with the exception of his own, but he also changed domain name who is information to seize control. He this engineer obviously did not have the legal authority to do it, but he was still able to contact in this case, it was GoDaddy switch registration data for the chaplain corps net domain to Anthony enterprises. In addition, 19 students have a chaplaincy resource management course taking place in Jackson, South Carolina, were unable to access the network or their accounts and got their training disrupted. That’s when they started a real investigation. So he had unlawfully shared property information belonging to federated it went on a file deletion spree, just see where I’m going with this, you understand some of this stuff. downloaded data included AWS service account information, network diagrams, backup system images, known as Amazon machine images were also downloaded and shared. This information has been given an estimated value over $1 million by the engineers former company. After termination, he this guy was linked to the full wipe of a test server belonging to the US Army web application system. And be because there were no backups, the system had to be rebuild from scratch, prosecutors say there is probable cause of the engineer sent the data deleting command, given he was the one with sole access at the time you remember, he deleted the accounts. This is all an article from ZD net that I have up on my website as well. A total of over 37,000 brute force attacks later launched against the same system have also been attributed to him. He has been sentenced and will spend the next two years in prison. So insider threats is what we’re talking about here. And this is a constant worry, it’s fear for the Enterprise’s for businesses of all sizes, government in this case, but I have seen this with other businesses as well. You have to maintain the concept of least privilege. And the idea there is that you only give people the amount of privilege that they need for their vol roles. And I’m going to be doing some training on this as well. It’s basically the concept of giving them the right access to the right information at the right time. But here’s where you start running into problems. IT administrators and engineers require more access than then average member of the staff. So it’s easy enough to say well, the sales guys should not have access to the accounting information. Right. So that makes sense to you. makes sense to me. But how about the IT administrators, the guys that have to run the machines do the updates to the installs? Right there are ways to handle that but it becomes very, very, very complicated very quickly. And we are talking about huge costs here the Panama on 2018 costume insider threats report estimated that the average business may suffer losses of up to almost $9 million a year due to insider threats. So this is a very very big thing. It is one of the things we will get into some big detail on and one of these upcoming courses will be offering some master classes on that. But I got to point you again I have never given this away. This has always been a paid product 32 pages long and it is a quick start guide for security. It goes through stepping stones. It goes through all kinds of information key points for every small business hardware, software, anti malware, software, passwords, password management, everything. So this I am giving away for free Believe me This is some of my best stuff, bar none. And it’s the sort of thing I usually include with my courses that are purchased. So I’m giving it to you for free today. So what you need to do if you want to get a copy of this is you need to go right now to Craig peterson.com slash Quick Start. It’s all one word. So you just going to type into your web browser Craig Peterson calm. And then the slash just the forward slash Craig Peterson com slash Quick Start QUICKSTART Craig Pietersen com slash Quick Start, you are going to love it, because I tell you what to do in there, it’s a quick start, it’s a quick touch, it’s a high level, but it’s going to let you know all of the things you should be doing in your small business, it is going to be useful for home people as well. But it really is aimed at small businesses aimed at the people like me, who have been an entrepreneur who’ve been running a small business, maybe we started it ourselves, maybe we inherited it from our parents who had built it, and we made it bigger. This is for you. If you are someone who’s worried about losing your retirement, because so much of it’s caught up in your business, and you’re afraid that if your business gets hacked, you will go out of business, which is true in the majority of cases, if you business gets hacked, you will be out of business in six months or less. And I just saw some stats the other day saying that many businesses I think it was like 30 or 40% of the businesses that are going to go out of business because of a hack file for bankruptcy The day after the hack. Okay, so if you’re a business that’s afraid of that if you lose sleep at night, because you don’t know if the right things being done for the security in your small business, this is for you. If you are not sure if your IT people are doing the right thing and you’ve got a bigger organization with an IT department, this is for you and it is available for free. You go right now to Craig peterson.com. Slash Quick Start. That’s where you’ll find it Craig peterson.com slash switch Quick Start q UI ck s ta RT it’s all one word. And it’s going to ask just for your name and your email address. I’ll be sending you my weekly newsletter with all kinds of tips on what’s happening this week. things you can do and you’ll find out all my other free offers and the man Do I have a lot of them. So I hope you enjoyed it today. You’ve been listening to Craig Peterson Of course here on WGAN and online at Craig peterson.com. Have a great week and I’ll be back Wednesday 10 in math 7:38am

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