Craig discusses Zoom and finding love?  Can it really happen and what are the drawbacks.

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Well, we’ve just been talking about some of the ways that the hackers are getting into us now avoiding some of the software we’ve been using these antivirus packages just don’t work anymore. I’m going to talk about another problem. This is a massive windows bug.

We’re going to be getting into a couple of other things here. We’ll talk about VPNs a little bit and how it’s dying and going away. We’ve got another employee theft, that’s happened here, this time to Shopify. Microsoft, and what they’ve done with Azure. We’ll talk a little bit about these cloud systems because they are problematic.

Wanna cry is back and Love in the time of Zoom. Why we’re in the midst of a dating revolution. So why don’t we start with that one here? You’re listening to Craig Peterson. Glad to have you with me today.

So let’s get into Zoom, you know how much I don’t like Zoom for business. It is not considered secure or does not meet any of the standard security requirements. So that’s a problem. If you were to ask me.

 We are in the midst of a dating revolution. Do you remember that episode from Seinfeld where George is out doing speed dating and they had these, what were they? 30 second or 60-second dates. I guess that’s been the thing over the years, maybe a little longer than that.

You spend two minutes, five minutes with someone and you’re all there at the restaurant or whatever conference room.  It’s like musical chairs. Every time you move one. Usually, it’s the woman sitting there and the men move around and it could be the other way around, I suppose. There was a good way to meet a lot of people. If that’s what you’re trying to do, see if there might be any chemistry, usually, they charge for them.

Today, well, things have gotten higher-tech. They come about here in Zoom rooms as well. I mentioned earlier today about some of the things that we’re doing from a business standpoint on Zoom. Many people are now having business meetings obviously, or hopefully not on Zoom, but in the online world.

But right now, what we’re seeing is love and marriage. How people are connecting. It used to be of course, accidental. Then some of us, might go to the church we belong to and look for a companion or a mate. There are a lot of ways is that things have changed and they changed a lot, really in the 18th century with the industrial revolution.

 Now we’re kind of back to the isolation days. Well, so what do we do now?  I don’t know if we’ll ever really get back to normal. People have found that they can do business from home. They can work from home. Now they found that they can date from home as well.

Already, we’re seeing nearly 40% of heterosexual couples reporting that they have met online. Most of the time that’s being through a social media site like Facebook, or maybe some of the others that are out there. Same-sex couples are even a higher percentage here, more than 40% of heterosexuals that are meeting online.

Of course,  there is also the casual encounters that have been going on.  I can’t even believe it, but Dr. Fauci even mentioned that, right?  Oh man, we’re not getting into that right now.

But this type of online interaction is absolutely surging during the time here of the Wuhan virus. Bars are closed. Restaurants are mostly closed churches can’t meet you. Can’t sing hymns depending on where you are. They might only let a few people in. I know there’s one state where you can go to a bar, but only one person can be in the congregation of a church. I, I just don’t understand some of that stuff, obviously.

So what do you do right now? We’re seeing a massive drop in the number of Americans that are married by the time they turn 30. Only about half of them are married by the time they turn 30 fertility rates have plummeted to 1.7, meaning the average woman will give birth to 1.7 children over her lifetime, which means if that woman can be considered to be part of a couple. That is negative growth in our population. Something that some people have been trying to achieve for a very, very long time, but it is well, well below the natural rate of replacement, which is as I recall, what about 2.1 or 2.2? So that’s pretty dramatic and it is just continuing to go down more.

Men aged 30 to 34 were living with their parents than with the romantic partner and that’s before the Wu Han virus pushed even more of a back into our homes as we’ve lost jobs and opportunities that are out there. It’s just not very, very good, but the future isn’t all of that bleak.

I wonder, frankly, when we’re talking about general social, social media. So things like Facebook and messages and stuff, how much of what we see and we feel we have a connection with other people. How much of that is real. We already know much of what we see. Isn’t real. Some of these social media influencers you’ve admitted to taking as many as a thousand pictures before they found one that’s worthy of posting where all the makeup was. Right. The pose was right. The hair was right. The background was right. The lighting was right. It leads to a false sense of, Oh, keeping up with the Joneses. If you will. There’s an older expression. Where people see this and they think that’s the way their life is supposed to be. It’s absolutely not.

So how about where we’re trying to do one on one stuff. I think we all can remember going on dates and being a little braggadocious. Maybe inflating things just to ever so slightly. When we went out with somebody and then over time, we got to know them and then we started to loosen up. I’m in a mastermind group and I also have seen that in the mastermind group that as we got to know each other. We kind of relaxed, but we know each other’s businesses now and we can give each other good advice and a good kick in the pants when necessary.

So I don’t know. The future’s not bleak. I think. Yeah. It might take a while for people to get to know each other. When we’re talking about meeting online, doing little Zoom meetings, or meetups online. But the whole courtship thing has really changed the whole structure of what it is. It is just absolutely amazing, but I think we are still going to be looking for those relationships. We’re so going to be trying to find them online and I think it might work and I don’t know, maybe a breakup is even easier in the online world or maybe the whole fallacy behind the online world where people are literally making stuff up. If the fallacy is going to make it even worse when it comes to breakups. I really don’t know.

I’m looking at an article here from, Debora Spar. She’s a professor of business administration at Harvard business school, and she’s been very focused on issues of sex and technology and what’s been happening with the technological change. She has a new book out called workmate. Marry Love, how machines shape our human destiny, which is kind of an interesting book. I think the romantic times are going to continue, but we’re going to continue to look online for ways of meeting and doing stuff with people. So there you go. Zoom is not just for little family gatherings, but it’s also for romance. I think that’s kind of cool.

Hey, if you like to listen to the radio, when you’re driving around in your truck or your car, one of the things that I do, and here’s a little tip for, in case you didn’t know you do it is I have Bluetooth in all of my cars.

Nowadays, there’s Android play. For Android phones, not all of them, just some of the newer ones and there’s also Apple play for the newer Apple iPhones. And what they that allows you to do is run the app near a phone. And once that app is up and running, it will come out through your car stereo.

Now, many of you guys, of course, you’re the best and brightest. So you probably know how to do that already. I love the way car play works on the Apple side, Android. It works pretty well too, but the main concept behind it is to keep the interface simple, to keep the number of distractions down.

Hey, you listening to Craig Peterson.

Make sure you stick around. Cause we will be right back. We got more to go today.

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