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Now we’re told constantly that we should not lie to the bank. Right? We shouldn’t lie to the federal government. We shouldn’t lie to anybody, right? It’s not what we were taught as kids. While a very interesting article from Mashable, I’ll put it up on my screen for those people who are watching it on on replay or live here. If you want to keep your privacy you may need to obfuscate more than lie.

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We of course are here on WGAN radio am and FM. We are also streaming on Facebook and YouTube. And you can watch the replays there as well go to Craig Peterson dot com slash YouTube. Or if your Facebook fan go to Craig Peterson dot com slash Facebook. Now we’re told constantly that we should not lie to the bank. Right? We shouldn’t lie to the federal government we shouldn’t lie to anybody, right? It’s not what we were taught as kids. While a very interesting article from Mashable, I’ll put it up on my screen for those people who are watching it on on replay or live here. But business email compromise and tax up by to 69%. We know that already. Right? What is one of the ways business email compromise attacks work? Well, they work by finding out information about you. So what better way to find out information about you then if they have compromised your account at some website? And they got answer to those questions that are for account recovery? What better way for the bad guys to be able to scam you? Now we’re all using various types of password recovery me I use something on my iPhone, and it’s called duo. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this before. This is what we use for our customers. So what will happen is, I want to log into a website, it asks me for my username, my password, Vinod asks me to under my one time password. Now that’s an interesting one, because what’s the word time password? Well, that’s what do Oh, and some of these others that are out there will give you. And that’s why we’ve got so much information on passwords day, that 10 page, special report that you can grab by going to Craig Peterson calm, and sign up on the homepage, you’ll get that password special report. Make sure By the way, I noticed quite a few people had forgotten to click on the confirmation email, because I don’t want to spam anybody. And sometimes people sign up a million of the closest friends for newsletters just to annoy them. So I need you, once you’ve signed up to go to your email box right away, and click on that email link so that I can confirm it really is you. It’s not somebody else trying to punk you as it were. So if you go to Craig Peterson calm you sign up, I’m going to give you this 10 page special piece of really password knowledge, right? I don’t even know what to call it. We call it a special report around here. But it’s going to give you a lot of good stuff. So what we’re talking about right now, though, is password recovery. Now, if you are using one of these types of apps like duo that allow you to, to do these types of secure logins, there’s others, there’s like Google Authenticator, which is free, but does not provide all of the stuff you need as a real business, right? Where you have the groups of people, and it’s tied into your Active Directory server, so that when people’s email addresses change, it all changes, right? So Google Authenticator doesn’t have that most of the others don’t have that Microsoft has their own authenticator, of course, because they’re Microsoft. And, and so it’s all good stuff. But Craig Peterson, calm, make sure you sign up, you’ll get that. So what this article from Mashable is talking about is why you should lie on your password recovery questions. Now, I do that all the time. All the time. And the idea behind the line, I think is is a little confusing to people, because we’re not talking about out now lies. What we’re talking about is when it asks you, What school did you go to? Don’t tell it what school you went to. But I can hear you saying right now, Craig? Craig, how am I supposed to remember it if I’m lying about everything all the time, because my mother always told me, if you don’t lie, you’re never going to get caught up in a lie. And you don’t have to remember everything that you told everybody. And the same thing is true here. Right? That does not make sense. That if you are lying on the application for every website, you’re going to how are you going to remember all of us? Well, that’s where the password managers come in again. So what I do

is, when when I am signing up, and it asks me, what high school did you go to? Is that going to my password manager now I personally use one password. I love it. I love the group ability in it. We have to for my family, we have different teams at work. We have teams, for instance, that that have to have bars compliant, or I tars compliant, where they make stuff for the military, there’s subcontractor, we have all kinds of these types of people. So how do we have that? What do we do? Well, obviously, we don’t want people that don’t need access, to have access to passwords, these passwords, right? It’s a whole concept of limited access, minimal access, minimal privileges. And that’s what I love about one password. So it’s great for that last pass is another one, they have a free version that works pretty darn well. And they do have some group features, something you’re going to have to decide. But open the notes section in one password. And right there in the notes. I can tell it, hey, I want to remember this fake pass this fake school I went to, etc. So I’m going to in fact, I’m going to do this right now if you’re watching on the replay or you’re watching live, I’m going to go back to this Mashable article. Because they’ve got a screen capture, I don’t want to show you my my screen capture of my real one password, right? Because that would be giving away stuff that I don’t really want to give away. So this is a note. And one password has the ability to do notes as well as last excuse me as last pass. And you can see here in the note it same bank account recovery question one where did you go to high school? bank account recovery answer one. So this is just stuff they’ve typed in. And it’s got completely lately random characters about it looks like he did a palm smash on the keyboard almost. And it remembers it. And it’ll remember all of your passwords this way. Well, your account recovery questions, as well as your passwords. I like the way one password does it better than I like the way it’s been done here in last pass, but they are absolutely phenomenal. And there are many, many, many of these types of pieces of software out there password managers. And that’s why I you know, I put together the password manager special report at Craig Peterson calm if you haven’t got it already, make sure you sign up. So that’s that you’re looking at it right now. So that’s what I try and take care of, and I that’s how I do it, okay, I don’t give the bank my real information. And don’t feel bad about it, right? You’re not trying to defraud the bank, you are trying to defraud the criminals that might steal the information from the bank, the mind, try and do it for a spear phishing attack that they can use for business email compromise. Now, it sounds really complicated, and in many ways that it can be. But it’s simple if you’re using a password manager. And that’s the whole point here. That’s what I want you guys to do. And that’s going to help a lot in the future, because your accounts probably already been compromised. So you’re going to go in the first thing with a password manager and create new passwords, you’re going to use the one time password function that is in one password, or maybe the Google Authenticator one, you’re going to tie it all together so that you can keep safe, you should be using a unique password for every single website you’re on. And new recovery questions for every single website you’re on. Because when one platform gets hacked, or what they end up doing is something called password stuffing. And they see all okay, well, we’ve got this password from the Reddit account. And they’re going to try that password now on on Bank of America and you name it out there and see if that password works. So different passwords. Remember Google, Gmail, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, everything. And that way they can’t leverage and attack and this is the article talks about that includes Dunkin Donuts, right? You don’t want the same type of passwords and recovery for Dunkin Donuts as you have for your bank account. So make sure you use unique passwords is kind of theme for today. And that’s why we’ve put it up online at Craig Peterson calm. When you sign up. You’re going to get that password special report and follow it we’ve got some step by step stuff in there. And we’ll be right back. Stick around.

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