Craig discusses how Police are using Facial Recognition to identify and trace movements of rioters.

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Facial recognition software is getting better all the time. You’ve seen these rioters and they’re wearing all of the masks and hoods and helmets and everything to try and hide their identity. It isn’t working anymore.

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We’ve had some really interesting technology we’ve talked about on the show and then I’ve had some CEOs on talking about this tech, where it is being used to spy and track criminals. This particular track I’m thinking of right now was probably still is out there. I, in fact, I know it is. An airplane. It’s just a small plane, like a Cessna and that plane flies over big cities and things like New York and Chicago and Los Angeles. Although in LA, they have helicopters all over the place being run by the police departments. This plane is up there with a super high-resolution video camera that is recording everything going on.

The idea behind this is if a crime is committed. They can play that video backward and track the people who committed the crime, hopefully back to where they started from. So they can track them all the way back to their home. Maybe their business, maybe some park that they met at, and then from that park, they can track them back.

It has days and days worth of data. So if you’re out on the streets, you’re walking around. The camera’s picking you up from that airplane. If you are driving around the camera’s picking you up on that airplane, I think that’s really cool technology. The supposition here, and the Supreme court has held this up, is that if you are out in public, you have no reasonable expectations of privacy. So that was a number of years back.

Now, of course, they’ve been adding more and more video cameras. There’s a lot of questions here in Maine. There’ve been a lot of discussions about it. Matt has talked about it before on his show. Should we be putting up these video cameras? Is it the right thing to do.

Some police departments have video cameras on all four corners of their squad cars. As they’re driving down the street, just normally doing whatever it is they’re doing, observing what’s going on. Those squad cars are streaming that video Live to a computer system. That’s looking up every license plate that has seen now, the police car also has GPS information. So now your cars tracked. If it sees it, if it picks it up and sees the license plate number, it is now logged, and it’s fairly permanent. Although police departments seem to be having problems lately keeping the data, that’s a separate issue. And if there is a warrant on the owner of the car, so guess what they have to do, they have a license plate number.

They have to look it up. They have to see who the owner is, then they run that through their local database or maybe the NTIC or something else to try and see. If there is a want or warrant out for the owner of the vehicle and they may impound the vehicle, then they may wait there for you to return.

There’s a lot of things they can do. In fact, the tow truck operators, many of them have that same system on their trucks. They drive around parking lots over at malls. Looking for cars that maybe they’re behind on the payments and they can’t find the car, they have to go pick it up. Maybe that car is something that there’s a lot of parking tickets on.

And so they get paid for doing that fine, that storage fee that you pay, that’s going into the pockets of. It was some of these tow truck operators. It reminds me of a thing that happened to a friend of mine with his car getting towed and the tow truck operators had going kind of crazy jumping on his car and everything else. It was just a bit of a mess.

Anyhow, all of this type of surveillance. I personally think is bad. I think it’s wrong. It is too easy to be misused. It is too easy for it to be stolen and then it’s in the hands of it, who, which bad guys, right?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you’re a bad guy in, okay, I’m going to break into this home and it’s going to be a burglary, not a robbery cause no one’s home and isn’t that a wonderful thing and by the way, we’re tracking his car here cause we’ve tapped into? The police system. Or maybe we’ve into the system of those, tow truck operators.

And we know where his car is, and we’ll know when it’s on its way home. Because in addition to that, yeah. A lot of these cities have been installed on these cams on traffic lights. Now they know you are going through an intersection and where you went through, what time you went through. Did you wait for that red light? Did you squash it down as the yellow, turned red? It wasn’t quite red, yet. This is something else.

Now we’re looking at law enforcement dealing with. Violent protesters, right? these fascists who call themselves anti-fascist right. They, these Marxists, they call themselves a the BLM right now. There are legitimate people. There are great people who really care and are really trying to do the right thing. That’s not what we’re worried about. We’re worried about the people that are burning down our businesses, that are causing havoc, that is shooting people that are hitting people over the head with a skateboard or baseball bat.

So the law enforcement in a number of cities now, including New York and Miami. Have been using some facial recognition software to track down and arrest individuals who were participating in criminal activities during these riots. They’re doing it after the fact, it’s interesting how some of them are doing it.

In some cases like with the fed, they have been tracking them. Watching them while they’re in the protests, which is the wrong word is really riots, right? The protest is one thing, burning down buildings, police cars, civilian vehicles, batting people over the head. That’s not exactly a protest. What they do is I wait for them to leave the area because you don’t want to try and arrest them right in the middle of all of these rioters and they leave the area.

Then they get arrested. Which I think makes a whole lot of sense. Miami pleas are using something called Clearview AI. Now, remember we talked about them a few months ago, maybe six months ago now because this woman allegedly threw a rock at a police officer. Then what they do is they use facial recognition.

Technology not just to surveil them and track them and then arrest them later. They are running it. That’s what Clearview does running it through social. Yes, media posts to try and find people. A very interesting problem. Frankly, a New York man air bill DeBlasio promised that the NYPD would be very careful and very limited, and they’re not going to arrest it most of these people that are causing bodily harm and destruction of private property. Yeah. Good going mayor DeBlasio. Good. Going a lot of things here. You already know. I don’t like Clearview AI, and I don’t like the way this technology could be misused by any stretch.

Stick around. We’ll be right back listening to Craig Peterson on WGAN and joined me Wednesdays at seven 30 with Matt Gagnon

 Stick around. We’ll be right back.

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