Craig discusses Tesla’s autopilot feature and some of its “logic assumptions” that could land you in the hospital or under arrest.

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, do you have an autopilot on your car? we just got confirmation of another crash with these autopilots, almost deadly. It’s amazing. What’s happening. So we’re going to get into that turns out that study I quoted last week was true.

Hey everybody, Craig Peterson here, and yes, you heard it first on WGAN in the course affiliated stations I talked with Matt a little bit about this week as well. This is a very big deal because what we are looking at in the future are these autonomous cars that can literally drive themselves.

It can take over from the driver and just cruise around. I still remember the first time I saw, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the front of that pickup truck and it just took over and started driving for him. It was just so totally cool in that remake. Anyways. yeah, I didn’t like that remake as much anyways, back to it.

These cars are the future. There is absolutely no doubt about that. We can’t argue, they, these cars that are going to drive us around are the future. Really? I think the only question about it, I’m not even sure. Did there’s much of a question left about this? The only real question seems to be, are we going to own that car or is the car going to own us right now?

Or is it just gonna be like a taxi service where you say, okay, I need to go into the office on Tuesdays? Yeah. 1:00 PM and then come home at 6:00 PM because we’re not going to the office every day anymore. Are we? And then a car or just shows up just in time for you. Based on the traffic and the weather and everything else that’s going on.

It’s going to be a brave new world to quote someone and everything about it is going to change. Even though the vehicles are going to be going probably the speed limit. I think we’ll all end up getting there faster and more safely, but that is at some point in the future, that is not. Now right now, the problem we have is that we are not paying attention to the cars.

we came up with this whole thing, this law, our hands-free on the telephone you remember me saying if you’ve been listening long enough, That, I thought it would actually end up killing more people to say everything has to be hands-free than the opposite because people are going to be hiding their phones.

And what happened? I was right again. Now you heard it here first was some years ago. So actually I wasn’t on this station back then, but. It is very true. People are going to do things they shouldn’t be doing. Even just yesterday. I saw a guy driving an Amazon truck with his cell phone, up to his ear, talking on it as he was driving, using his left hand on the steering wheel of the truck.

He was driving. So it’s going to continue to happen. Ultimately, what we want is like what Arnold Schwarzenegger had in the movie where the, yeah, there is no problem here. It’s just all automatic and you might have to drive what’s called the last mile or maybe in the parking lot because it’s so far has been one of the hardest things for these autonomous vehicles to really deal with it because there are so many visual clues when you’re driving in a parking lot.

There are pedestrians. Okay. The car can see the pedestrians probably better than you can see the pedestrians, but you can see that pedestrian, and that pedestrian gives you some ice signals, maybe a little hand signal, a little thinks or just, go ahead. I’ll just go behind you here. Cars can’t pick up on any of that stuff. So these initial autonomous vehicles are likely to be long haul trucks that’s where we’re going to start seeing some job losses right away because they’re already out there. It’s been a couple of years since, one of these autonomous trucks. I think it was a Volvo drive across this very narrow, winding bridge all by itself.

It was just absolutely amazing to see they’ve done that again and again. So we’re now. Looking at this today as very practical. What would happen is that a driver would get drive the truck back it up to the loading dock. People would load it up or maybe computers would load it up then the driver drives through the parking lot and drives outright to the highway.

And maybe they’ve got a special little lot there by the highway and the driver gets out the truck takes off and it does the long haul along with the IAD or wherever it’s going up, the 95, you name it and it gets to the other end. It gets itself safely off the highway and there is a driver waiting there, or driver comes, picks it up, and drives it the last mile as it were.

That’s a model, actually, that things were developed here originally with the railways where the railways did the long haul, much more efficient, far fewer emissions then the trucks did the last mile nowadays that its trucks doing it coast to coast so much at the time. What we’re seeing right now is people are getting in their cars and what they should be considering to be just simple.

Advanced cruise controls. These people are looking at it as an automatic system. It’s synonymous I got to blame the marketers for some of this because so many of these marketers are out there telling people, Hey, yeah, you can. Yeah. It’s autonomous you can just sit there. It’s got autopilot, just like an airplane, right?

we talked about a study a couple of weeks ago where they placed balloon shaped and sized cars on this demo track. There were two lanes on the road. One of them had this balloon car sitting there in the travel lane then the autonomous vehicle driving down the road, what would it do? Is it going to change lanes?

Is it going to come to a stop? Does it slow down? First of all, it tries to figure things out. No. In most cases, that autonomous vehicle, that autopilot, that self-driving car drove straight into the balloon. Straight into it it wasn’t because, Oh, we can pick up a balloon on radar or the mass wasn’t heavy enough and had nothing to do with any of that.

Cause that was all compensated for, it. Had to do with the car’s making a fundamental mistake that if something’s not moving well, it must then be permanent on the road maybe my sensor’s wrong. we just have a report right now. It’s up on my website and it was put up there. Let’s see, I got it from ARS Technica.

So it’s a link to their article, but it’s talking about a crash that just happened in North Carolina last week, the police there have filed charges, criminal charges against a driver whose Tesla crashed into a police car early in the morning on Wednesday that’s from Raleigh’s CBS channel 17 television.

The driver apparently admitted to the officers at the scene that he had activated the quote autopilot unquote technology on his Tesla model ass. I was watching a movie on his phone at the time of the crash apparently what happened is there was a Nash County, deputy, and a North Carolina state trooper who were on the side of the road and they were responding to a crash when the Tesla slammed right into the sheriff deputies cruiser.

And that impact sent the deputy’s cruiser into the trooper’s vehicle, which pushed the trooper and the deputy to the ground. Nobody was seriously injured. Now, in this case, the driver was charged with a violation of the state’s move over law, which most States have now. With having a television in the car.

So it’s really important to remember that there is no car on the market today that is actually self-driving. If you have one of these, you need to pay attention to the road at all times, regardless of what kind of car you have or what kind of driver-assist technology the car has. We’ve seen it just in, Right up here in the Northeast, in Connecticut and Massachusetts last December, we saw similar accidents with Tesla vehicles crashing into police cars.

They’ve also, by the way, been known to crash into firetrucks. It’s scary. All right. Stick around everybody. When we come back, we’ve got a question about China. Are they those greatest cyber power stick around? Cause I’ll be right back here on WGAN and make sure you tune in on Wednesday mornings.

I’m on with Mr. Matt. Gagnon at seven 3. Stick around. We’ll be right back.

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