Craig discusses Stalkerware and explains why you should be concerned.

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[00:00:00] Hey, there is one simple hack that could ruin your business and ruin your credit and steal all of your money. And they’re going after it today, against you.

Craig Peterson, you recognize the voice so glad to be with you. You can find me online at Craig. Peterson.com. We got trainings coming up for people. It’s really important to understand what’s happening? How you can protect yourself? How you can protect your business? And we’re going to be talking a lot about that here today.

We’re going to talk about this simple hack that can tank your whole business. We’ll talk about VPNs. We have before. And I’m not a fan of, I’ll tell you a little bit more about why I had a whole training course on VPNs and the dangers of VPNs. And huge dangers people just started using them.

So we’ll get into that a little bit. I love this whole

[00:01:00] drama therapy. Now being branded as STEM science, technology engineering mathematics will tell you why universities are doing that. And the DOJ here telling one America news network that. Maybe they should call the FBI about NPR. So a kid into that Google is peeking into Android data.

Again. Now we’ve talked about this before. It’s absolutely not to a Google gets away with, and it turns out they’re doing something that Microsoft did years ago and got sued by every government in the world and lost every government in the world. So what’s Google up to there for you. Poor Android users.

Russia’s. Hackers they’re GRU hackers have hit the U S government. We’re going to talk about that one and your next smartphone may be a lot harder to scratch. And of course, we’ll get into that one as well. So a whole lot to talk about today. But first, we’re going to talk about

[00:02:00] how to find smartware. it is smart, but this is stock they’re on your phone.

Now you may not be aware of this, but there are ways to monitor everything that you’re doing on your phone and the best way to do it really is installing one of these apps that kind of hide now. This is particularly true for Android. This is true for you. Windows PCs to a slide, the lesser degree. It is true for your max as well.

So with the stocker where what you can do is look at the keystrokes, record them all. Do screen captures, usually grabs a frame if you will. What’s on the screen every minute or so, so that it’s not chewing up all of your disc space, but you can go all the way up to a live video so that you are tracking everything that’s going on while someone’s logged into a computer.

[00:03:00] So it’s designed specifically because it is stalker where to run in the background of the computer. To make it very hard to see. And most of the antivirus software out there just won’t catch it. If you have the advanced malware protection that’s available through us and from Cisco then yeah.

You’re probably going to be able to detect it, but it is designed to hide. So there’s a high degree of probability that it is hiding and it’s probably hiding pretty darn it’s keeping tabs on. Everything on your phone. So your personal details are going to get leaked out. And we’re talking about having access to all of your contacts, all of your applications, knowing what’s going on, it may show up as an application on your phone.

It may not show up as an application. Same thing on your windows side. And this is a rich source of information for people,

[00:04:00] because if they can get the stock aware on your computer, they know pretty much everything they might need to know about you. You’ve gotta be very careful. It can track your location, record your phone calls.

Obviously your text messages steal the passwords to the social media accounts or email account or access that you’re logging into through your phone reveal, your contacts, photos. Emails and even end to end encrypted communications, because remember what happens with these things like WhatsApp, et cetera, you have to be able to read that message.

Don’t you, it’s not good to you. If it shows you a bunch of Google. That is the recorded, encrypted, I should say message that was passed through. You need to see the clear text. So if you can see the clear text on the device, the stocker work and see it as well. Now we’ve found that in for

[00:05:00] the most part, the stock aware is really aimed at people that.

That, might be involved as activists. For instance, you have a lot of government agencies that do it. you have no activists. Of course, we’re talking about socialists countries, right? It’s illegal to do it here in the U S but every socialist country out there. Does it to some degree or another, the more socialist you are, the more they do it.

Like China, for instance of courses using stock or where by demand, it’s the law. You will go to jail. If you don’t have stock go. Where on your smartphone? Venezuela, Brazil. Cuba, some examples of some very socialist countries that are doing all of this, where you don’t have the rights that you might want right there.

The typical Marxists socialist countries that are out there. So the average person doesn’t have to worry about it too much. Is that what’s your thinking? Because in fact, what happened is that the average person, right?

[00:06:00] Can be the target of stocker, where if that person has someone that wants to monitor them.

So who might want to monitor you for instance? obviously, maybe a lover, ex girlfriend, boyfriend, ex lover, maybe a jealous person. Who’s just a third. Party, maybe your best friend, right? You we’re always hearing about somebody marrying the husband or the brother or sister of someone that they’re dating anybody who has physical access to your device could potentially.

Put stock aware on it. And that’s where I’m constantly warning people. If you work with China, be very cautious. And if you go to China, the same thing applies because they will go into hotel rooms. They’ve been caught doing it before and they’ll copy all of the contents of your computer. So I’ll make sure everything is encrypted.

You probably want to turn off your computer.

[00:07:00] Entirely all the way down so that they can’t use some of the techniques that will look into the memory of the computer to try and find the encryption key, because it is kept in the memory. There’s some really cool techniques to do that. It’s some pretty simple one.

So shut it all the way down. But. These people that want to monitor us. If they have access to it, they can do it. victims of domestic abuse. They’re a common, person that could have stock or where the abuser puts it on the phone, because usually abuse is about controlling somebody. And if you’re controlling them, you want to see what they’re doing, what they’re saying online.

It’s a very modern concern, but it’s a real. Concern. We need to be careful of a motherboard had a really good little article on it recently. Now, one of the things that is happening right now to fight back are the ads for the stocker where ads have been appearing all

[00:08:00] over social media. So you can go to Facebook and see had for stock or where, It’s monitors spy on. and so now there’s new. Policies that are just going into effect. I think they might go into effect August, but w new policies are going to affect by all these major social media sites that say we will not accept advertising for stocker war, but unfortunately there is a loophole when it comes to advertising for style or where, because that’s same software.

Can be advertised as something to monitor your kids online. And we all want to do that. Don’t we, while I’m on a monitor or kids and make sure they’re not going to bad places and even more, we want to make sure they’re not being influenced by a bad influence, maybe bit of a pedophile or something. You just don’t want that to happen.

So what do you do? If you are a Mac user, I want you to visit this site right

[00:09:00] now. I want you to write this down. It’s called objective C as an S E. So go to objective dash C. Pretty sure that’s where it is. Let me just double check here on my note. Yeah, it’s subjective-c.com. Now this guy’s a security researcher, his name’s Patrick Wartell.

He works at damp, J a M F, which is a great company that has all kinds of software for monitoring computers and controlling them. Making sure certain software’s installed software is updated. Remote control, everything else. Okay. Jamf, if you want to check that out, we don’t use them. We use some software from IBM.

That actually has some real security validation to it, but, he said the best way, easiest way is to just keep your device out of the hands of someone that might be a starker. Okay. So that’s obvious. And, that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to happen. Kaspersky labs have some good

[00:10:00] points here.

they’re saying that the industry is messed up. They use a stronger word than that. And everybody providing these services are one of the worst people on this planet. Okay. Not that he has any opinion about the matter, right? For iOS, if you have an iPhone or an I pad, usually what they use is device management.

So go to your settings, general profiles and device management. So go there right now on your phone. This is how to check to see if you might have stock or were installed, go to their settings, general profiles and device management. And. If you don’t see the device management in there, it’s a reasonable thing, because that means there is no device management.

And so therefore there’s almost certainly no stock or where regular stock or where. However, if there is device management, don’t panic. Because it might be legitimate. If your phone is a business phone,

[00:11:00] it’s probably legitimate, but that’s the easiest way to do it. There should be a remove management option in the settings as well.

When we get back, we’re going to do a little bit more of a dive here. What if you have windows? What if you have Android? We’re going to talk about that.

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