Open Source Is Changing The Way We Approach Everything


Software engineers for decades have relied on open source components to enhance their programs, speed development, and deliver them more rapidly.  The use of open source software meant that these engineers had a resource for sharing problems, solutions, and improvements to the code these programs contained fewer “bugs” or software flaws and greater functionality.

It was a world in which computer engineers and users were very specialized and far before mass production of personal computers even appeared in the twilight dreams of any engineers.

When the World Wide Web came to fruition, the entire publishing industry changed.  No longer did they need clipping services, or have to spend hours going through printed editorials looking for story ideas.  The internet and world wide web made searching easy and the publishing of stories, fast.

In 2008 a new open software collaboration platform was formed for managing these types of open source coding projects.  However, by 2019, that same platform has grown and is now serving a much larger purpose.

No longer simply a repository for small bits pieces of code that can be used freely as part of another project, now you can find diagrams of plumbing systems, home renovation tips, full business plans, artist renderings and even layouts for entire towns.

The culture of the open source community has been re-shaped, and that is a good thing.

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