Our New Society: Social Media Results In Judgement By Mobs

Today everyone has a smartphone and videos; Instagram and Snap Chat are a common communication source.

The growth of social media has given birth to a more underhanded form of mob mentality that responsible for ruining the lives of strangers for some perceived injustice.

These videos are often used to bully someone by giving a false impression of a situation. What happens when those posts go viral? The effects can have horrible results. It happened to a college student in St. Paul Minnesota who had taken a job to make some additional money.

Although the video shared on social media depicted an incident that did happen, the commentary and rush to judgment were misleading and left out a majority of the story. The company folded to the social pressure and fired their employee, although she had done nothing wrong.

We are living in a day when a social media post can go viral in a matter of minutes. People fail to realize that the original post is only the opinion of a single person, but the mob mentality that follows can result in damaging consequences.

Studies have shown that it only takes as little as 5% of people to influence a crowd allowing the other ninety-five percent to follow them blindly. In fear of being called out, no one dare’s to disagree with the herd.

If we continue to conform without thinking or considering the long-lasting impacts of our actions, we will be controlled by these toxic mobs who are using social media to force their societal opinions and their political views on everyone.

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