Radio Show- 2018-08-04: Samsung S9 Struggling. Free online business courses from Google. Ride sharing live stream dangers. Google Titan Security key.

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Have you seen the Samsung S9?  Listen in to hear what Craig thinks about it and if it is worth getting.

I don’t know about everyone in this audience — but many of you I am sure love to learn and so do I.  Today, I am going to tell you about a new Google learning venture.

Have you ever taken an UBER or a LYFT?  I am going to tell you about what some drivers are doing and why?

More news out of Google! I am going to tell you how Google has prevented phishing in its facilities.

There is so much to talk about that I ran out of time so be sure to check out the related articles below.

Craig is putting up a new membership site (Yes, it is free, but you have to sign up)  On it will have all his special reports that he puts out and you will be the first to get them.

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Airing date: 08/04/2018

Samsung S9 Struggling. Free online business courses from Google. Ridesharing live stream dangers. Google Titan Security key.

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, Good Morning everybody. Craig Peterson, here. We’ve got another show this next half-hour or actually 25 minutes. We’ll see what we can squeeze in. But, we’re going to talk about your smart TV how to stop it from tracking what you watch and what video games you’re playing. Did you know they track that as well? Russian hackers, a little bit more about them and what they apparently have already done that most of us just plain aren’t aware of. Google, Now, I’ve talked about this a little bit before but they’ve got their own security key. We’ve got an update on that, and why you should consider that, right. Ridesharing. Did you know you might be live streamed? It depends on the state that you’re in

[00:00:42] There are people that are paying to watch people taking rides in Uber and Lyft. These free online courses from Google may help you boost your career. And why is Samsung’s Galaxy S9, their brand new flagship phone, struggling so badly? So, here we go

[00:01:09] On the front lines and ahead of the trends in business and consumer technology speaking with the top minds and creators behind the products and ideas that help to drive our everyday lives.

[00:01:19] Dean Kamen is joining us now. He’s the inventor of the Segway and the founder of US First. Steve Forbes, I appreciate what you do with Forbes magazine for all these years. It’s one of my first go to places. We’re going talk right now with the guys and gals behind Siri and we’re joined right now by the director of Digital technology. We’re joined right now by the CEO of Ebates, Kevin Johnson, on air for more than 15 years.

[00:01:43] Over 20 million podcast downloads. This is Tech Talk with Craig Peterson.

[00:01:53] Hey, everybody. By the way, if you get my e-mail I send out a weekly with hot items of the week. All of these articles are available to you. There is no chance of getting to them all today, right. But, all of these articles are available you can just click through it’ll take you to my website at Craig Peterson dot com. You’ll get a summary and then if you want to read more you can click on the read more link at the bottom and that will take you to the original article that I am quoting. Of course, many times these articles are written by me or a member of my team. In which case you, you’re gonna see the whole thing right there, and you don’t have to hit the read more button. Well, Samsung you know has been selling phones and smartphones for a while and their success came when they switched to the Android operating system. Android, the number one worldwide, as far as installed units go, for mobile device operating systems. Also, the number one world-wide worst operating system for a mobile device if you want security. So I know people who love Android, they’ve just become hooked on it. They know it well, they don’t want a change, and they just kinda of sit there with their fingers in their ears and they say I can’t hear you. Can’t Hear you NAH NAH NAH NAH

[00:03:12] And they’re still using Android, I just don’t get it right. So, for my customers, I always advise them don’t use Android. Use Apple use iOS, iOS two years ago was finally approved by the federal government for military use. You’re not seeing that with your standard Android phone that you’re buying at the local retailer. So, if you want security, stay away from Android. But, that doesn’t answer the question here about Samsung. Samsung, of course, they are probably, if you’re going to buy an Android phone, they’re probably the best ones to buy them from. Huawei has out a new phone that’s got some really great camera features on them. But, we also know that they’re blocked from the U.S. market, at least a large part of it, because the government, now won’t buy them, won’t use them won’t sell them in the NEX/PX on base. Because of potential spying problems that were revealed in Huawei designs and chipsets.


[00:04:16] You might also remember on the show we talked about how they had more than, I think, it was north of a billion dollars worth of fines, which is a pretty hefty fine if you ask me. So, Huawei’s kind of out of the market, here. You’ve got some others, HTC, I’m trying to think of some of them over the years. A few of them are actually out of business, now. Samsung’s it, right. They’re the big guys, South Korean outfit. They make pretty decent hardware. So, what’s happening now? Obviously, the sales are not what Samsung or its investors were hoping for. They added some cool little silly things if you ask me. Which Apple did too, right. You saw with the release of the iPhone 10 you know these emojis’. That will take on some of your facial expressions on iOS. Which is just stupid really. Really, that’s going to sell more phones. Who buys a phone for that. Well, Samsung did much the same thing, and they were pretty jazzed about it, right. They have images that look like you, which I think is really kind of cool, but it’s no reason to spend eight hundred bucks on a phone. If you asked me, or twelve hundred bucks if you get a fully loaded iPhone Ten. The electronics division over at Samsung just said, that they “had lower than expected sales of the flagship Galaxy S9” and that’s the main reason because it wasn’t just the nine but their overall profitability was hurt badly because people just aren’t buying them

[00:05:54] You know it gets to a point, where you’re good enough, right. Do I really need to spend money on another device? And, the answer to that is, probably no. I usually wait for two major releases before I buy a new one. So, like right now, I have an iPhone 8. Before that, I had an iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 I was using, my wife now uses because she’s just plenty happy with it, doesn’t need any of the newer features, or you know that new speed or memory stuff that I tend to use. You’d expect that right. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the reason that’s why I got a table saw for Christmas last year. But, you know the newer phones are faster, I can run the newer apps on them so I can test them out. And I have more security stuff because I do use it with some of the clients that I have and there’s some information I don’t want to get out. So, this handset the S9 was launched in February, and some of the critics are praising these new camera tricks. You know really, really, really, super slow motion.

[00:06:59] What? What’s that going to buy you? Are you going to buy a phone because it has super slow motion, really? I don’t think I’ve ever used slow motion on my phone or any of my video cameras. Would you use that? I don’t understand it. Here, but anyways despite the speculation in the S9 sales have been the weakest since the Samsung S3. Samsung still not disclosing any of the real numbers and they have a 20 percent revenue drop in the division. Why, are they struggling to stand out? Well, frankly the physical differences between the 8 and 9 are almost nonexistent. Which makes you wonder about Apple? So, many people complaining about that. You know the top center of the apple screen where they’ve got the camera. So there’s this little divot, at the top and people make fun of it. In fact, Samsung came up with some ads making fun of that feature on the iPhone. But, it looks different, doesn’t it? It makes it visibly different. Well, there’s not much of a difference between the S8 and the S9 as far as looks. A little bit of a difference in the position of the fingerprint sensor. They have a dual aperture lens, which is you know kind of cool. But if you’re not a photography geek. Why would you care?

[00:08:22] There just isn’t the differentiation.

[00:08:25] We’ve got the Chinese rivals, also out there, and frankly I think one of Samsung’s biggest problems is they’re paying too much attention to Apple. All right there’s a lot of innovation in the Android space, I’ll give you that Samsung’s always been able to outspend their competitors on marketing. But I think they’re just focusing too hard in trying to, really overstep Apple. And what Apple’s doing in the U.S. market. And even with some of the criticism, Apple’s been having lately, it just doesn’t make sense, it’s not worth all of the effort all of the trouble. Samsung, just go ahead and make a difference come up with a really great device that everybody wants and Why don’t you let Apple start chasing you for a change. So, on the S9 verdict isn’t probably worth your time or your money.

[00:09:23] Hey, if you’re looking to learn a little bit more, an uptick your job and your earning potential

[00:09:30] It’s always been around learning, hasn’t it. I don’t know that it’s necessary to have a college degree. I certainly don’t think it is in many, many, careers. I think most of the H.R. people are just taking an easy out, by looking for that checkboxes, says yeah you’ve got a master’s or a bachelor’s degree. I think they’re taking the easy way out. It’s you know I think it’s kind of insane. What matters are the skills? What skills are you bringing? Oh, you’ve got five years experience fighting malware on large networks using great Cisco hardware and software and you’ve been providing tech support. And everybody says wonderful things about you. Well, that’s worth way more than a bachelor’s degree, that’s worth way more than even a certification from one of these companies like you know the Cisco certifications. But you know what are you going to learn in them. This is a good opportunity for you, you’ll find these links up on my Web site. Craig Peterson dot com.

[00:10:31] I’ve got a link to a great article from Inc. magazine. You’ll find it online there, as well. But, they’ve got a class on getting your startup started. Now, all of these classes they’re called Class central. They’re all pretty darn basic. And, you know if you ask me, a lot of stuff so basic. So, I don’t know maybe it’s advanced to you, but it’s really aimed more at startup people. People who are just learning. So, this particular course on getting your startup started is going to help you with your mission and vision statement. Find mentors team members. Find financing for your business. Pitch deck to try and get customers or VCs on board. By the way, I would advise getting customers. You need people paying you money, once you have people paying you money, then you can go and find your investors. Frankly, I think that’s a way that should work in most cases. I never cheated and went to VC or angel route. But it’s a self-paced course takes about three weeks. They’ve got another one, on App Marketing. If you’ve got the best idea for the app store or Google Play store. Wow, this is going to be great for you, right. Apps, I don’t know there’s not that much money in them anymore, unless you are making apps that are aimed at a particular company’s internal customers.

[00:11:51] You know their supply chain, but an app marketing course, so you can learn about creating and launching an app. It sounds like can be pretty useful for anybody doing online marketing. So kind of any business owner might want to take this. It’s about a two-week course, again from Google. App Monetization. This is a course is targeted at people who want to create apps or some free online content and have it generate income. But, depending on how much you know, it might not be very useful again. It’s kind of a beginner thing if you’re out of school and you’re thinking about maybe making apps, it’s a free thing, about a month is what it takes. Product Design. You’ve got a great idea for a product, that can help you with your idea, create a mock-up design, and quickly connect with potential customers. Check with them to see if your product can be viable. And, of course, the only real test, I go right back to this is, someone gives you money, because people will say they’re going to buy it, but they don’t, OK. So, it’s a good thing to check out, to ask and get a little direction

[00:13:01] But, if you can get people to pay you money, even before you develop your product, you’ll be much better off. In fact, there’s a company. What’s it called G.T. Solar I think is the name in Merrimack. It was founded and he made he grew some chips for silicon wafers and things in order to make solar panels. And, he was able to fund his company, entirely, from his customers. So his customers were going ahead sending him a few bucks and that few bucks then went the extra mile, frankly because he had his customers fund him as he built all of his systems out. Product Design. Strengthening your LinkedIn network and brand. Again, this is part of the entry level grow with Google curriculum. So, if you’re seasoned already as a networker or LinkedIn user it might not be great for you. But these courses and a lot more if you’re thinking about doing a little entrepreneurial thing with the market doing so well. The economy doing, so well. Check it out you’ll find links to this up on my Web site. Craig Peterson dot com. Look in today’s email. It’ll be right there for you. You can just click right through and find out anything that you might need, right there.

[00:14:22] Hey, did you hear the news out of New York City this week, if you are a cab driver or wannabe cab driver and you may be doing something for Uber Lyft. Make a few extra bucks with your car. It’s really kind of a nice thing. There have been some instances where bad things have happened with Uber and Lyft but I’ve had bad things happen with regular cabs, as well. Well, in New York City, apparently they passed a new ordinance, that is basically going to ban Uber and Lyft from their streets. We’re not going to go into that right now, that’s not part of this show. But, you might have a hard time finding Uber and Lyft next time you’re in New York City because of that. Well, what we’re going to talk about are called live streams. Now, there are a few kinds of cool sites, out there, that you can use in order to live stream. Twitch is one of them T W I T C H and we use it with US Robotics. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that, great program, if you’re not involved. Make sure you get involved and you’ll find them online. I think it’s us first dot Org. I know they changed its name but anyways I think you can still get their US first dot Org. They use twitch in order to broadcast these competitions that are held all over the world which is really, really, cool.

[00:15:47] I love that thing. Well, when you step into one of these ride-sharing cars, do you realize that you might be on video? Now up on the dashboard, there’s usually the little smartphone right and might be Android it might be iOS. And on that, they’re running the app from Uber or from Lyft, and that app is tracking where they’re going that lets them say you’ll pick up this rider and lets them score the rider after, the fact, right. It lets you do all of these things. So, you know there’s one other thing that’s been happening, you might not have expected. And that is that some of these guys, apparently, have been live streaming on Twitch. So, you get in the car and the whole ride is live-streamed. Now, I can see one side of this, which is it’s a safety factor for the driver, because now it is out, in the ether, his wife or her husband or family, whoever can watch it at home make sure everything looks safe everything’s good. And, from that standpoint, I think that’s really kind of a neat safety feature. Depending on which state you’re in, that may or may not be legal. There is something called two-party consent, and that means that both people who are being recorded need to give permission. And, it needs to be explicit permission. Now, I record people all the time from my radio show from my webinars.

[00:17:20] You know, the FBI webinars I do, all of these things. So, all of that is legit because they know they’re being recorded, right.I even will say, OK we’re going to start recording now, just so I have that. Well, in this case, this particular guy Jason Gargack, I guess it is. He’s an uber and Lyft driver and he’s been broadcasting apparently hundreds of trips on twitch without explicitly obtaining consent. Now, he’s taken steps to protect passengers, so he mutes addresses moderating lewd chat comments, at least some of the customers said they wouldn’t have entered the car or if they knew they were being live streamed. And it’s certainly possible to identify some of the passengers based on the details that are there in the archived videos. But, he’s asserting that the streams are legal. He’s in Missouri. Missouri has a one-party recording consent law which means you only have to have one person who consents to the recording. Now, I personally go back and forth on this I think of it’s a public official in the performance of their public duties or under the color of law. I think it should always be recordable. Always. It’s a public official whether it’s a town clerk, a police officer, a fire hydrant inspector, a federal agent, doesn’t matter that should be recordable without the consent of the public official. And, many times you see that happening even in two-party states where you have a whole bunch of people out there with video cameras on their smartphones videotaping a police officer in the performance of their duty.

[00:19:07] Right, you see that sort of thing fairly frequently. Well, in many cases it’s illegal in my home state, here. It’s illegal to do that as well. So, what’s happening here? Well, Missouri allows him to record other people without their consent. He has a sticker on his car that tells passengers that they’re consenting to be recorded if they enter the vehicle and he describes it, as for security. Now, that’s the part I mentioned earlier I think that kind of makes sense, right. Well, here’s where things get a little bit fuzzy. Apparently, he is charging some people to get his live stream. Now, his live stream remember is going out on twitch and twitch does allow you to sell access to a stream. So, apparently, there are at least according to one report he’s been charging five bucks or more a month. He’s got more than 100 paid subscribers. It’s really interesting. Uber had shut off his access to the driver’s app while it “evaluates his partnership”. So, even though live streaming might be legal in Missouri, Uber guidelines bar any kind of inappropriate or disrespectful behavior including comments on appearance. So, who knows, right. Twitch wasn’t commenting on it. But, you can find this article up on my Web site as well. OK, so, one more article here for today and this is about security coming out of our friends at Google.

[00:20:52] Now, Google has been using this technology in-house here for a while. And, remember they have tens of thousands of employees and they have not had a single case of a successful phishing attack since they started doing this. That’s pretty darn cool, frankly. Google has been following the standard that’s out there. It’s called The FIDO’s specification. But here’s the bottom line. It’s a key, it’s a USB key. It has some smarts in it and it allows a web page to authenticate you. It allows your laptop to authenticate you. Your desktop to authenticate you. So, you have to use this key in order to get your machine to allow you to log in. They’ve had this by the way since 2014, so that’s pretty substantial that FIDO specification. And Google has been supporting it the Google accounts have. So, this titan key is something Google has now released. Anyone who is using their cloud services, the Google Cloud Services, has first dibs on it. You can go out and get it. I’ve had a couple of my clients now asking about it because they’ve been following my weekly e-mails and I’ve been kind of hinting that this is going to be coming and we’re probably going to use a different kind of key here. The, you know, the Google Key is now quite yet.

[00:22:20] And some of these other ones are well supported as well. Also, follow the FIDO log in specs. So, we’re starting to move some of our customers over. We’re already using some of this technology including, DUO, which by the way, I think it was Google just bought this week. So, that’s kind of cool, we’re once again going to be ahead of the game in keeping our stuff secure. But, this is all available you can check it out Google’s advance protection program. I’ve got a link to all of this up on my Web site. Craig Peterson dot com. And, of course, it’s also in this week’s newsletter, which you can sign up for also at Craig Peterson dot com slash subscribe. We’ve got subscriptions open, again. Well, there’s other stuff we didn’t get to today. You might want to check out. We’ve got Russian hackers. Looks like they may have penetrated hundreds of U.S. based, electrical grid networks. That’s a very big deal. Apparently, they could turn off the power, at will, and cause some major havoc here. A lot of victims. This is bad. Your smart TV may be tracking you. If you have a smart TV and you can tell because they have built into them things like YouTube or Netflix or right your Hulu access to those TVs not only track what you’re watching because it’s easy enough for them to know, but they have a special software that’s built into them and did you know even know this existed?

[00:23:49] It’s called automatic content recognition, by SAMBA TV, usually. And, this automatic content recognition even recognizes video games that you’re feeding into the TV and tracks your use. So, I’ve got a very detailed article from the New York Times that’s up on my Web site Craig Peterson dot com. You can go there and have a look, it’s got instructions for all of the major smart TV brands and what you can do to turn that off. I think it’s important to do, although, you know the marketing side of it, I can see it’s a great thing. I personally would rather only see ads for cars, when I’m looking to buy a car right. Well, they show me things that I’m interested in. But, the problem comes in when the bad guys get their hands on this information. This stuff’s eminently hackable. It’s been hacked before, it will be hacked again. So, be very, very, careful. You’ll find it all. Craig Peterson dot com. Hope you have a great week. We’ll be back next week with more. Until then if you have any questions just text me directly 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53. How many people do you know to give you their phone number? That’s me 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53 with any questions at all, during the week have a great week. Take care. Talk to you next week. Bye-bye.

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