Slack Is Bridging Email To Chat, Improving Calendar Integration And Search

Slack arrived more than five years ago with the bold attempt to try to kill email in the workplace. It’s 2019, we’re all still sending emails, and Slack may have even made emails stronger. Thankfully, Slack has realized that our email and calendaring solutions are useful and should work more closely with its chat software. We’ve seen this recently with Office 365 integration, and now the company is going a few steps further by bridging email and calendaring directly into Slack.

Slack has built a new bridge between its service and email. If you’ve got someone in your organization who refuses to use Slack or if they’re a new hire who still hasn’t signed into the service, then you’ll still be able to chat with them straight from within Slack. In the coming months, you’ll be able to @-mention these people in channels or send them a direct message, and it will route these messages to their email inbox. Replies will come straight back into Slack, and the back-and-forth exchange will also transform into a full Slack history if the person decides to join Slack.