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Can you know it all? No. I share some insights on how you should focus on the who vs the how.
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: [00:00:00] Hi guys, Craig Peterson here and I am sitting over-looking Lake George, boy what a beautiful place and a great time of year. I was listening as I was riding out here on our motorcycle to Dan Sullivan. Now if you don’t know who he is he’s a great coach and he has a lot of great things to say.

: [00:00:18] And one of the things he was talking about today is something that’s really kind of bothered me for years and years. You know I’m the kind of guy that has to understand something. In fact, I’m kind of a guy that has to understand everything and obviously understanding everything and be a little bit of an issue sometimes right. You just can’t. Basically, you can’t understand everything. Now I started a company I was doing well, I had a lot of sales, I had a lot of clients, and so I hired some sales guys and they just weren’t performing the way I thought they should. So, what do I do, right. I go out and I hire a coach and I start taking courses. I take all of the big sales training courses, in fact, if you’ve heard about it I’ve probably taken it. I’ve probably mentored with a few different people that you’ve heard of before, in fact I’m sure of it. And I learned a lot about sales. I thought learning about sales would help me, because then I’d be able to discern whether or not someone was a good salesman and if they’re good salesmen I should keep them, right. If they’re bad salesmen well, you can let go of them and let go of them quickly right. That’s the idea. Fail early fail often and but you know I tend to hang on to people, customers as well as employees. And I hung on to some sales guys way longer than I should of and got really disappointed when they walked away or ran away. In one case, with my clients and started calling them up and trying to sell them competitive products and services and stuff and it just it just really bothered me. But the point that Dan was trying to make that really hit home with me. It was something about, Knowing how. And he said the basic thing that you should be looking at here, isn’t knowing how to do something.

: [00:02:22] But Dan’s really big on knowing who to do something. So, I kind of did a take back on that and thought well you know I’ve been trying to do this for a long time. I think I know what to do. I think I know how to do it. How can I hire someone if I don’t know enough how can I tell if someone is a good enough sales person or technician if they are someone that knows more or should know more than I do. Right. So, I’ve spent decades learning how to do a lot of things and that’s kind of cool because I’m a renaissance man. Right after all of these years I know how to do a lot of different things. I’ve studied seriously studied things like marketing and sales to try and figure it out because I want to help people and yet there’s a lot of people out there that there’s so much noise they can’t discern but this point about how versus who really struck home with me. And I thought of something I should share with everybody and that is. Who is someone who’s in the know? Who knows how to do what needs to be done? So, for instance if I want to do webinars better, you know I’ve been doing webinars for a long time. I do webinars for the FBI infraguard program. All right. I know how to do webinars but I’m not the best in the world at webinars and it might take me another five 10 years to become the best at doing webinars.

: [00:03:53] If that’s the case is that time well spent at my stage of life I look at it and say absolutely not because I have so many decades behind me there’s going to be fewer decades in front of me. Right.

: [00:04:07] As we’re looking at all of this, and trying to figure out who, I think is way easier than trying to figure out how. Because you can ask not just for recommendations. You know who can I call? Who can give you a good reference? You can look at the work they’ve done and if you find someone who knows how to do what you need to have done what the advice here is. Russell Brunson was talking about this as well.

: [00:04:35] But the advice is while you look at that and say hey guy let’s work together on this and 60 days or even 30 days and let’s see how it’s going after 30 days and see if we really want to get into this. But I am impressed with you and what you can do and maybe I should give you a percentage of the company. Now obviously that’s something that you might do for a revenue generator. All right a percentage of the company or a senior manager that is going to be with you for a long time and has skill sets that you really need. But I was thinking about this too from the standpoint of my customers would be really nice if I could say, “hey listen I’ll keep a percentage of the money that I save you by not having you hacked. How are you going to figure that one out, Right. That just doesn’t work very well because how can you prove that something might have happened, or something didn’t happen. Obviously, you can’t prove that sort of thing can’t prove a negative. So I don’t know how well that would work in certain aspects of I.T., But for instance if you need a security company you can go out and hire the best, you could hire my team, if you need a marketing company you can go out and hire the best but try to as long tail as you can.

: [00:05:54] You can’t hire anymore NIST firm that knows everything. There’s just too much to know and that goes back to the initial statement here about the how versus the WHO there’s too much for you to know as an entrepreneur. There’s too much going on in the business and in life in general nowadays you can’t hire a company that knows everything. So really you need to have a security company, you need to have an infrastructure company you know somebody keeps your PCs working and then you’ve got to reach out further you have to have a company that understands how to do some of the marketing stuff online. How did it use some of the cloud tools that you might be needing to use? You need to have somebody who can compose Emails for you? Help you put together the webinars? Do the videotaping? Do the video editing? Help you with the podcasts? All the ways that you use to reach out to your customers and it gets to be a kind of a complex issue when you get right down to it. But, going right back to this point that Dan Sullivan made. The how versus the who

: [00:07:01] You can’t be the best at everything. Focus in on what you’re good at your core business and then go find the who find the who knows how to do what needs to be done. Just amazing thought to me I’m going to try and work on this some more. Even in some of my hires especially. Now with the gig economy, you know you have sites like Fiverr or even Vworker where you can hire someone to do a task or a small set of tasks. And that’s the cheapest best way to get anything done. If you can define the tasks adequately which is sometimes a problem, Right. So, look at that as well is the who you’re looking for someone to do something on a short term basis for you where it’s like right. Write a little letter or a sales letter or write some copy for a web page or is it someone you need a long-term relationship with. Like it is for my clients you know I have clients some clients have been with me for 25 years where I’ve been doing the security and network infrastructure work for them for 25 years is that the kind of relationship you need. So backup figure this out. The WHO is probably the answer as opposed to the how. Because you just can’t figure out how to do everything especially in this day and age. Visit me online of course Craig Peterson dot com and I’ll be back with more insights as I get them. Take care and thanks for listening. I really appreciate it and I appreciate your comments. If I can help, or if you want to ask a question or comment  you can text me at eight five five three eight five fifty-five fifty-three or just go to iTunes you can find me or go to Craig Peterson dot com slash iTunes and make. Make sure you subscribe to my podcast. Take care. Have a great day and a great week ahead. Let’s Derail the bad guys.