Problems You Never Knew Could Be Solved By Smart Devices


How smart do you want your home to be? It seems like every day they come out with some new gadget that can connect to your network, in hopes of making your daily life more convenient.  Some are useful and others are just a little over the top or weird. Are those eggs in the refrigerator still good? No more guessing with the smart egg tray called the Quirky Egg Minder. How about keeping track of your dental health? With a Kolibree smart tooth brush you will always know how well you are brushing. Then there is the smart toilet paper called RollScout holder that sends you a message that you need a replacement roll.  Each of these address problems (some you may not even knew you had) but introduces many more. Often these devices do not have the security protections needed and can jeopardize the integrity of your entire network.  Recently, I learned of an even stranger smart device — the smart self-driveable trash can!  I hope you enjoy this article.


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