Patch As Many As You Possibly Can and Keep The Bad Guys At Bay

Software updates and patches protect both your digital safety and cybersecurity. The sooner you update, the more secure you will be until the next update comes out. However, with all the cybercriminals out there working to exploit every possible vulnerability, they can. It seems that more and more Their are four categories of vulnerabilities. Low 0.1-3.9, Medium 4.0-6.9, High 7.0-8.9, andCritical 9.0-10.0. The most urgent ones to patch are those rated Critical. It usually means that those are the ones that most likely under attack. Then work your way down until you get them all done. However, if you don’t have time, be sure to get all the Critical and High ones patched as soon as it is possible. That offers you the most protection. Then as time allows, continue your patching efforts for everything else. The entire reason for the Equifax hack was due to a failure to patch a critical vulnerability whose patch was available 4 months before the attack. They had other issues as well, but that was how the cybercriminals got into their systems initially. Regularly patching and updating your business systems is one of the most critical security measures companies can take. The numbers of Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVEs) are growing. Once published, the bad guys know exactly how to attack you. Quickly patching those vulnerabilities is one of your best protections.