Malware infects Computer System of Chester County

2019, Breaches, February

Who: Chester County Government’s Computer System

# of Records Affected: At this time, there is no evidence that county information has been accessed or compromised

When it happened: February 20, 2019

What happened: Malware activity was detected on the county’s computer network and the DCIS is getting assistance from third-party cybersecurity consultants.

How it happened: The malware breach was detected on Thursday. In the early afternoon Friday, county employees were instructed not to open any attachments in emails that were in their county accounts. DCIS had not located the source of the malware — software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a particular computer system.

Outcome: DCIS staff then shut the county’s computer network down after the county offices closed while it worked to assess the damage the malware had done, if any, where it came from, and which computers it may have affected. All essential county services continue to operate, including 911 operations and emergency communications, the prison, Pocopson Home, health department, human services office, and the courts.