11 million User Records Breached in Ransomware Attack

2019, Breaches, January

Who: MongoDB

# of Accounts Breached: 854GB of data, with 202,730,434 records in total

What was affected: The resumes contained all the sensitive details you might expect to find on a CV, such as full names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails, marital status, number of children, political affiliations, body measurements like height and weight, literacy level, salary expectations, education, past jobs, and more.

When it happened: January 2019

How it happened: A security researcher has stumbled over an unsecured MongoDB database server that contained highly detailed CVs for over 202 million Chinese users.

Outcome: Who owned the database is still a mystery, said Bob Diachenko, Director of Cyber Risk Research at Hacken Proof, the one who found the server’s data left exposed online.