Dublin’s Tram Service Computers held Ransom

2019, Breaches, January

Who: Luas, Dublin’s Tram service

No. of Accounts Breached: 3,226

What was affected: Luas’ website

When it happened: January 3, 2019

How it happened: The crook claims to have breached Luas’s systems and has threatened to publish its customers’ data if the organization doesn’t pay 1 bitcoin (about €3,375) in the next five days.

Outcome: Luas hasn’t confirmed any details at the time of writing (including whether it’s been hacked). However, it quickly took its website offline and released the following statement on Twitter: Due to an ongoing issue, please do not click onto the Luas website. We currently have technicians working on the issue. We will be using this forum only for travel updates should the need arise.