Stolen Laptop with Unencrypted Disk Leads to PHI Exposure

2019, Breaches, January

Who: Solis Mammography

# of Accounts Breached: Approx. 500 patients

What was affected: Patients’ names, dates of birth, insurance information, laboratory results, imaging, and other items.

When it happened: October 17, 2018

How it happened: On October 17, 2018, a Solis computer had been stolen from their Phoenix location and held by an unauthorized individual.

Outcome: They immediately began an investigation, including hiring a leading forensic firm to assist, and reported the theft to law enforcement. Their investigation determined that some patient information may have been contained on the computer. Because they are unable to locate the computer, they cannot confirm the specific patient information that may have been stored on it. They are working with law enforcement, but the machine has not been located to date.