Colleges Graduates Are Up For Rude Awakening When They Show Up For That New Job

Guess what College Grads, your not in Kansas anymore?  There are no safe spaces, and competition is the name of the game.  As you reach up and grab the corporate ladder that first rung may be a real reach.

Right now, the U.S. is experiencing one of the most robust job markets in the last half a century.  Companies no longer have their employees completing menial tasks. The use of productivity tools is automating tasks once reserved for assignment to entry-level positions, while others get outsourced.

What does that mean for new hires from the class of 2019?  It means that you are going to hit the ground running and will be expected to grasp product knowledge and hone their skills while conducting sophisticated business operations and that starts on day one.

Technology changes rapidly, and it has changed the way businesses operate. Now they use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate many of the mundane processes, now the measurement of the learning curve comes in hours instead of months.

Job titles are not silos, and employees will need to keep their quiver full of many skills and multiple tools. Many jobs are meant to be stepping stones, so don’t expect to be doing the same thing in six to eight months.  There is no employee to employee jobs any longer — all positions have some portion of their responsibility that is external facing.

Business today need adaptable, professional, mature, independent, and energetic employees who can communicate effectively on every level. Today’s employees are stepping into positions that in years past would have taken four or five years to attain. As companies tightened their belts during the last 10 to 20 years, they weeded out the log jam of middle, and while this was good for the bottom line, it left upper management overloaded with little to no time to mentor new hires.

If you want to advance your career in the business world today, you will have to take responsibility, step up, and create a big network. Success in today’s Business word requires you to Jump in, take control, and be a leader.


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