Job Dissatisfaction is prominent among IT Security Professionals


Many Cybersecurity professionals love a challenge.  They do not enjoy the doldrums of make work security.  They long for excitement and challenging work. They are in demand so it is not suprising that they are looking at new jobs every 18 months.  Cybersecurity profession is plagued by the high stress of continuous new regulations and cybercriminals who seem to thwart every blockcade put in place.  They are expected to be on-call 24-7-365 whenever systems are under attack to solve whatever problem comes up. For many, they understand that when something goes wrong — they will be blamed. With 3.5 Million Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs expected by 2021 They are constantly keeping their resumes up-to-date and ready to go to the next position — which is easily found due to the shortage of these professionals.