3D Printed Plastic Guns. The Future without Google and Apple.: AS HEARD ON -The WGAN Morning News [08-01-18]

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How big can companies get?  Listen in as Craig, Ken and Matt discuss how big some companies have gotten and what eventually happens.

Do you want a plastic gun?  Yea, No!  Craig dispells the hype and hysteria on Plastic guns and why it is a big nothing burger.

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Airing date: 08/01/2018

3D Printed Plastic Guns.  The Future without Google and Apple.

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, Good Morning everybody! This morning I was on WGAN and affiliate stations in the state of Maine with Ken and Matt and they were getting kind of teased because some people are saying they’re just a comedy show, in fact, it was, I think, a sheriff in northern Maine that said that you guys are just a comedy show, because they were they were talking about a body that was found with a knife in the chest. So, they were postulating that it was murder, right? And, so the sheriff said, “Well you can’t say it’s a murder, just because there was a knife in the middle of his chest.” And, so he said they’re just a comedy show and don’t pay attention to them. So, this morning I was kind of teasing them because we talked about two very, very, serious subjects, but I had to rib them here on the old comedy show thing. So, this morning we talked about these 3D printed guns. What’s the technology behind this? Where is it going? How is this going to change our lives? And, frankly, will it end up changing our lives? Apple just received a trillion dollar valuation. What’s happening? I discussed life after Apple and life after Google. Have you thought about life after Google? What’s that going to mean to everybody because we’re counting on it right now, right? Everybody uses Google. Number one search engine by far in the world. I think I kind of surprised them with my answers, there. So, anyhow here we go with Ken and Matt this morning you’re going to love this, I think.

[00:01:29] All right Craig Peterson back again as he is always is at 738 on a Wednesday. Craig, How are you this morning?

[00:01:36] Hey doing good. Hey, why aren’t koalas actual bears? Yeah, they meet all the qualifications. That’s a dead joke. Well, this is a comedy show, was a comedy show, and I have to start with that.

[00:01:51] Well done. And, in fact, because of that I’ve got a special sound effect for you.

[00:01:57] Well done sir.

[00:02:00] So, so, I just got news and I want to ask you about this because Apple’s approaching a value of one trillion dollars

[00:02:10] Wow, isn’t that amazing? To get right down to it. Trillion here, a trillion there, right. Many governments don’t have that kind of value.

[00:02:20] Yeah, it is absolutely amazing. They are well on their way to being just an absolute record breaker. But, we’ve seen this sort of thing before, right. We’ve got Google out there who is just incredibly valuable. Google has become a verb, but I don’t think Apple’s a verb, yet. It’s still a noun, but Google has become a verb. We’re all using it, like 95 percent of searches worldwide, are done on Google. Then there was IBM in the 70’s, of course. I’ve got to bring them up, Microsoft, Microsoft was so not afraid of Apple. They went ahead and helped to fund Apple. They invested in Apple back in the day. Nowadays, of course, IBM is nowhere near the powerhouse it was. Microsoft is nowhere near the powerhouse that they were, and Apple and Google are both going to end up going by the wayside. It’s just it’s inevitable, and when you’re talking about Apple and the trillion dollars worth of value it is just crazy. But, think about Google here now, we can see maybe somebody taking over from Apple, right. Matt, you use a Samsung phone if I remember correctly. Correct. And, a very good possibility that Apple just isn’t going to be in the lead. But, can you imagine Google not being here any longer?

[00:03:47] Well no, but you know in 1998, I didn’t really imagine AltaVista being gone either. So, you never know.

[00:03:53] Yeah exactly. So, what will the world after Google look like? How about right now? Right now, you if you wanted to find out what book Ken Altshuler had written, where would you go to find his books? You’d probably go to Amazon right. Or come on his show or comedy show.com. Amazon is the place to go, Right now. It is the search engine when it comes to books. It’s become the search engine when it comes to trying to find things for your home. When you’re talking about smaller items. Amazon is already taking over from Google. The whole concept of e-commerce purchasing, online. So, Google is already starting to fall by the wayside. Look at our mobile devices whether it’s an Android or an Apple device. Who owns the advertising on that? It isn’t Google. The ads in our online or smart mobile devices, just aren’t working anymore. So, it’s not going to be long before Apple goes by the wayside because there will be something better. Steve Jobs is the guy that drove all of the apple products that have become what we’re appreciating and loving today.

[00:05:11] He’s gone. What’s going to continue on? Apple’s already been stumbling. Google is already stumbling out of first place. It is really not first place when it comes to going online to buy something. We’ve got a huge Chinese outfit that’s out there, called Alibaba, who is competing with Amazon to become the world’s biggest retailer. You know Ken that what this boils down to is the companies that we know today and just count as part of our lives. It’s just, just so inevitable that they’re not going to be here forever and are going to go by the wayside. And, even though Apple’s looking great right now and you know, already, I love their products right. We are the only tech, my company is the only ACN, the apple consultors network, the official Apple business guys, here in the Northeast, Framingham, is the next closest one to where I’m at right now. So, it’s a different world. It’s going to change. And I hope you’re making some money off of these stocks but don’t count on them always, being in this envious position that they’re in right now

[00:06:24] At least we’ll always have 8-track tapes at least we have that.

[00:06:27] And you can listen to those forever. They just keep replaying it until you play them the fifth time and then they break. But that’s a different story.

[00:06:35] Craig is on our tech guru joins us at this time every Wednesday for an eye on technology. Craig, I know this isn’t you know this is not on our list of stuff to talk about today, but I do have to ask you about this whole printed gun thing, and the 3-D printing industry in general, right. I mean it’s sort of a new concept to a lot of people, who are following this, and you know, the blueprint. Yeah, yeah, it’s been on the news about 7000 times this morning. So, you know I don’t know exactly what I’m asking you here outside of perhaps just what your thought is on the whole 3D printing craze, in the first place, and what you think the future of it looks like when laws are trying to, you know outlaw certain objects, like a gun, or restrict them in some way. But, anybody could simply print anything. What does that mean for the future?

[00:07:21] This is huge for the future. Imagine the day that instead of having to go to the car dealer to get the part that you just broke on your dashboard, because you were laughing so hard listening to WGAN comedy show in the morning that you can just go and print up at home. This whole thing with these printed plastic guns is a complete misnomer, right now. It is hysteria that just absolutely crazy. Here’s what happens right. Your standard 3D printer that’s out there is printing something with plastics. Well, consider the quality of a piece of lego. So, if you have a gun that you want to fire, do you really want to barrel, breech, etc. being made out of Lego. The answers no. You can make anything that would fire, once. We learned that from the original Star Trek series, you know it’s going to blow up. It’s not going to fire very well and it’s not going to be accurate etcetera, etcetera. You need metal you need a barrel you need a breach to contain that explosion that happens when that the primer goes off. And, then the main powder goes off, to push that projectile which is also metal down the barrel and out. So, what we’re talking about here, in reality, are what is called, the lowers of the gun. So, the parts of the guns that are already being made by manufacturers out of plastics for lack of a better term, but be made out of plastic, those parts you can already print. You cannot print a gun that’s going to be an effective long-term, here.

[00:09:06] If you have a machine shop, however, you can make a gun. And part of what’s going on here is they are selling basically a small metal machine shop as well, along with this. So, going forward. Let’s talk law right now. We have the same problem we’ve always had with technology and that is the laws are always staggered behind. And, we all know that. The laws are going to take a while to catch up. And, whenever they do these preemptive type laws without understanding where the technology is going they always mess up. So, I’m a little worried about that. But for now, anyways guns that are quote printed at home unquote are not a huge, huge, deal you can already make some of those lower pieces out of a piece of wood if you’re good at woodworking, OK. So, let’s not go crazy. But your bigger question, Matt has to do with where is it going right ultimately, Right? And, ultimately we are already seeing Houses, printable houses being made. In fact, there is a company that makes the machine right now that can be taken to a place, say where there was just a massive hurricane they need to build hundreds of thousands of houses. You set the machine down and it has arms that go out and build all of the walls up and can actually build a structure there, in place. Now, that’s not terribly efficient. But, there are other printers that will print your house you’ve seen modular homes before, of course, where yeah they come out and the walls are all there. They just basically put it together like legos on site.

[00:10:50] While there are companies that are already doing that with printable houses. So, they’ll print parts of the structure in order to get them out there. Where will we be 10 years, 20 years from now? We already are seeing many of the UPS stores with these printers, there. Right now it’s kind of a fad, a cool thing, people are printing fun little keychain things. But ultimately, almost everything’s going to be printed like this. You know car dealers will not be what they are today because we’re going to have direct to consumer car purchases. And, if you need a new part you are going to take it to a car shop, so that it can be fixed, but they will be printing parts right there. And some of those parts will be metal parts because, in 10 or 20 years, we probably will be able to efficiently print metal that can withstand forces. I don’t think we’ll be printing engines or gun barrels anytime soon. But, the basic parts of your car that are metal will be printable, right there in the shop. It is really going to change almost everything in our lives, particularly since we already have some leading-edge technology that can print electronic circuits. So, think about that, you could put potentially print, an entire computer in another 10 to 20 years right there, maybe even in your home, and have very specialized equipment. So, it it’s kind of cool. I’m excited for the future here, but for now this whole gun thing is a substantial amount of hysteria.

[00:12:32] Our tech guru, Craig Peterson who joins us every Wednesday at 738 Craig Peterson dot com if you want to get all the information firsthand.

[00:12:40] Thanks Craig, talk to you next week. Hey, gentlemen take care.

[00:12:44] And by the way, Where do generals keep their armies? Where? In their sleevies? Sleevies? Sleevies? Armies, his arms, where does he keep his arms. Sleevies? For a comedy show, you guys are a little slow on the uptake.

[00:13:04] The problem may be we may need to find another tech guru too,  OK.

[00:13:16] Hey, hey, hey, wait-a-minute guys. What did you think, I write Dad jokes. I get it, but I felt that one was kind of funny. Anyway, let me know what you think.

[00:13:26] Any time, any questions 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53. Take care guys. Have a great one.