Apple Watch Saving Lives – Deleting Facebook From Android – Dangers Of IoT On Your Network: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [01-09-19]

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Craig is on the WGAN Morning News with Ken and Matt as they discuss how the Apple Watch is saving lives, the dangers of IoT on your network, and deleting Facebook from your Android devices.

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Airing date: 01/02/2019

Apple Watch Saving Lives – Deleting Facebook From Android – Dangers Of IoT On Your Network

Craig Peterson 0:00

Hey, good morning, everybody. I am back from the road. Got to go down to my mother’s 80th birthday. It was Wow. It was amazing. down in Florida, sitting on the beach, New Year’s Eve, watching the fireworks and just a T shirt, shorts and sandals. It was, wow, this is the life. Anyhow, it was a fun trip. Got to see family members got to meet with a couple of our people down there in Florida, as well as I was kind of traveling around. And you know, it’s nice and directors of the organization and things. So it was really, really fun. And this morning I was on WGAN as well as their affiliates in Maine. Got to talk with Ken and Matt, we talked a bit about the Apple Watch for we talked about a couple of potential issues when it comes to Android. Have you tried to delete Facebook from your Android phone lately? Well, apparently, Matt has this was kind of an interesting thing a lot of people might not be aware of. And then of course, we talked about just the general tech, what should you do when it comes to this internet of things with all of these devices that we have? They are dangerous. So how do you mitigate some of those dangers? And so instead of delving into a dozen different Christmas gifts, that might be very dangerous. Uh, we talked about what you can do from a strategy level in order to keep everything safe. So take carrier we go.

Unknown 1:35
Excuse us. And it’s time for Craig Peterson. He joins us now on the line. Craig, how are you sir?

Unknown 1:40
Hey, good morning doing well.

Unknown 1:43
So Craig

Unknown 1:45
nice couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year’s guys. Good.

Unknown 1:48
So if I understand correctly, now I can now the tech with I’m having a heart attack on my watch.

Unknown 1:56
Yeah, you keep talking about your watch. Can. Yeah, yeah. Big Man. Is he playing with this thing all the time?

Unknown 2:02
He was doing it like five or six times this morning already? Yes. Yeah, I’ve heard I’ve had to hear about his sleep cycle more than I care to ever hear about. Yeah,

Unknown 2:11
yes, you can can. This week is of course the Consumer Electronics Show. drumroll please. And there is a lot going out on out there. But you know, Apple is one of the companies that is only kind of there this week. And it’s kind of fun to think about to you probably remember those ads you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and Apple How long have I been saying this Apple’s unique selling proposition there is a reason that you well the the the same that people should care about the most when it comes to looking at Apple has been security and I’ve said Ted for ever. So what does Apple do apples trolling the androids, another tough it’s Vegas, they rented the whole side of a hotel, like whatever, 2030 stories of it. And they put a huge banner up on the whole site. And it says what happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone, it’s absolutely gorgeous. What a troll thing to say. And do course, Apple’s trying to make the point of what they’re doing is Shelly new hardware and software and some services, they don’t make money off of your personal information. And when you talk about this new Apple I watch for that’s out there, which is absolutely phenomenal little device, they finally have done the testing they’ve gone through and jump through all the hoops, and that the apple I watch is now approved to look for the most common arrhythmia out there, which is a trial stipulation. Now, atrial fibrillation, also called a fib is the major cause of strokes can cause heart attacks, it can Carl cause all kinds of problems. So your little apple I watch you all you have to do is play with account like Chad is doing right now it can read your heart rhythm and tell you if you need to get your body into see your doctor right away. There’s going to be more stuff coming up very soon. I’m sure on the apple I watch the ties it not not only giving you the date, you know, you’ve got a normal sinus rhythm, or you’ve got a zip ties right into your doctor can be used for more outpatient stuff. And this might be a clue as well that Apple’s looking to kind of replace your doctor for all of the common things that happen in your life. where they’ll have the sensors available for you right there. And they’ll share that information. with your doctor medical professional when necessary. But I love the little state. There remember what Telly Savalas had to say. But what happens on your iPhone and your watch days on your iPhone unless you explicitly send it out? Swear. So it’s pretty cool can and you’re right, it can detect a certain abnormal heart rhythm. And that can save lives. I’ve already read stories from a few people saying that it did in fact, save them. So pretty cool. And it sounds like you got a really nice little gadget of your hands there. Can I do you guys

Unknown 5:33
the Apple stuff, great leaders on their tech guru joins us on Wednesdays at this time to go over the world of technology. So if I’m one of those rooms out there that has a Samsung phone I this isn’t on your list of topics, Craig but I saw it this morning when I was reading around the inter webs apparently if you have made the decision to delete Facebook from your life, you can’t delete it from your phone. Which by the way is interesting to me. Because I am about you could push me over with a feather right now to make that decision absolute like within a micro millimeter from just deleting the whole thing and getting out. So I guess I can’t just stuck with it forever on my phone. Is that true?

Unknown 6:11
Well, some people are complaining about some of the new Samsung phones, it is impossible to delete. Delete, it is a core element of your phone. That’s not going to last we’ve seen that before with Microsoft in the Internet Explorer. And not being able to delete it. Microsoft saying hey, it’s a core element return remove it. And then the court’s old isn’t there a little bit and boom weird that people were finally able to remove it.

Unknown 6:35
You’re gonna root your phone and get rid of it anyway. But that’s altering your right and right

Unknown 6:40
you can and by the way, that’s a really bad thing to do. Matt by the way, is because the first things I did when I have a device was I lose this silly thing. But that’s a really bad thing to do from a security standpoint, because now you’ve kind of gotten around some stuff security things a lot of people don’t really know what they’re doing when they’re down there and man it can be a bit of a problem but the European Union’s really been getting into Facebook. I don’t know if you saw the course New York Times had a big cover story on that, what about a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago on Facebook and what they were doing and they’ve been monitoring everything. And, you know, we talked before about the VPN that Facebook has this virtual private network that, yeah, private

Unknown 7:32
they were using the Facebook VPN to track everything you were doing when you saw your Safe Browsing, because you’re using a VPN and the European Union in their investigation. got their hands on some messages from our friends. And yours. Zuckerberg and Mark my friends.

Unknown 7:55
Don’t slander me like that. It’s not

Unknown 7:58
okay, friend that went well. I can only use this my face,

Unknown 8:02
right. My my, my face. face. Face Face. Yeah, yeah, there you go. My Face Face.

Unknown 8:06
But they found Zuckerberg back when he was hurting. Facebook together. This is a quote. And I’m not going to quote him directly. Because it was cool sanity in it. But he says, I can’t believe how stupid people are giving me their information because of what he does with it out there. And he’s obviously intended to do it all along. So yeah, math is it is a problem. Some of these phones will not let you remove Facebook. Unless, of course, as you just said, You rooted and you go right in and remove the application from from the core system. But that’ll change have enough people complain and I would advise you to complain if if you can’t remove now if I have to.

Unknown 8:49
If I have to. I have this. We are talking to. Craig. rude. Don’t. Okay. Peterson joins us every Wednesday at 730. A little bit of sun to come anytime to get first hand information. I know the holiday season is over. I told you I got an Echo Dot. I still my wife is still convinced that is listening to everything we’re saying. Are there? Are there a holiday gifts we should be aware of?

Unknown 9:17
Well, that Echo Dot, did you get the the version three? I think it is a nice new look at

Unknown 9:22
the latest one. Yes. The latest one?

Unknown 9:24
Yeah. Yeah. And it’s got really nice sound on it. And everything. It’s just it’s phenomenal little device. That one you really you don’t have to worry about. Okay, bottom line, you’re you’ve got some security there. And it’s not going to end up being a big problem for you. But yeah, when you get right down to it, there are a number of gifts out there you need to watch out for. And you know what, let me just boil it down this way. Rather than name this one, or that one. Here’s your bottom line. holiday gifts. Some of them are safe, some of them really are not safe. And you know, hard to tell with your friends for the normal person. But here’s what you should be doing in particularly if you’re a business person. But I do this in my home as well. And maybe I’m paranoid I don’t know. But when you’re talking about these internet of saying devices and Internet of Things devices mean like the light bulbs and your roof but needs your means you’re Sonos system it means you’re so any device or your Nintendo switch my Kindles etc, etc. put up a second wireless network for those devices. A network that has none of your personal information on it. In other words, your computers or laptops, your devices you might use to go to the bank, etc. Make sure they’re on a completely separate network. And that there’s no way for those Internet of Things devices to get into your main network much. Usually the first thing we do when we go into a business or split their network top builders to help keep the information segregated. But you can now do that in your homes as well. So check your wireless device, see if you can set up a second wireless network. But that’s not connected to the first wireless network and start moving your TV and your gaming systems and all of these other Internet of Things devices over to it. Because frankly, that’s the only way to keep your data safe this year, going to be a huge year for hackers. There are more tools out there there are more problems and people aren’t protecting themselves properly. And neither are businesses. So can that’s the trick, read the manual or get some help go out to these companies that are out there that are there to help you know Matt just mentioned Tubby Gtech, there are many of them out there. Make sure you or businesses save your data safe in your home because you don’t want to lose this stuff. And you don’t want to have your bank accounts empty and all from a president. Right? Wouldn’t that be a terrible thing to have happen? And

Unknown 12:14
it would indeed well, Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us at this time every single Wednesday. And today is no exception. Thanks a lot. Great. Appreciate it. We’ll talk to you again next week.

Unknown 12:23
Hey, take care guys. Bye Bye.

Unknown 12:26
Thanks, Craig. So let’s go take a break. Now.

Unknown 12:29
Hey, by the way, we’ve got something really big plan for this year. In fact, quite a few things are going to be doing a lot more master classes and got a master course coming up and just you name it because people have been asking a lot of questions and I’ve decided here based on the questions that I think most of you understand that you can’t deal with all of this security stuff is just getting too complicated. There’s too much to do. You don’t have the budget for there’s just no way you can do it. So that’s what I’m going to be doing. Probably the end of January is a do it yourself security course for businesses and we’re going to run through all of the stuff you need to know all of the basics and I think it’ll be good. So with your permission or going to be doing that make sure you’re on my email list. So you find out about it as well as the free classes and other things we’re doing throughout the year. And you’ll find all of that by subscribing., take care, we will be back i don’t know i’m probably gonna be doing some Facebook lives where the YouTube lives, lives, etc. But that’s not all scheduled yet. But we’ll definitely be back Saturday with another radio show. Take care everybody. Bye bye.

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