CES Technology – Shirt Folding Robot – The Wall Is Ready For Your Home – Apple USP Is Security – Chromebooks on NH Today WGIR-AM: [01/07/2019]

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Craig is on with Jack Heath discussing the new trends on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Airing date: 01/07/2019

CES Technology – Shirt Folding Robot – The Wall Is Ready For Your Home – Apple USP Is Security – Chromebooks

Jack Heath 0:00

Alright joining us now on the Auto Fair Listener lines is Craig Peterson Tech Talk guy and it’s always something there when it comes to tech in our life because we’re so attached to it literally. Craig, good morning.

Unknown 0:12
Yeah Are we good morning jack there is a lot going on right now and check because it is. drumroll please the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Oh my goodness. Yeah. Can you believe it’s another year?

Unknown 0:29
But yes, we’ve got the Consumer Electronics Show. There is a ton of stuff happening out there right now. And one of the things I think is worth noting is that Apple seems to finally be agreeing with me on what is important to them. Now their consumers of course, they have the phones and and they’ve been quite good, you know, and people like john right. But Apple has rented out bases in hotels are I should I say in hotels? I mean, on hotels, the whole side of the hotel with a massive sign that says, what happens on your iPhone days on your iPhone? It’s phenomenal. I’ve been saying for more than a year Apple’s unique selling proposition is IT security, it doesn’t make a dime off of your information. I’m like Google and Android. They sell hardware and software. So that was one of the things that greeted people who were coming out to the Consumer Electronics Show this week out in Vegas. I thought that was pretty clever.

Unknown 1:37
Well, they should have listened to you while ago.

Unknown 1:40
Yeah, you know, it’s people that they just don’t all listen to, you know, you Jack. Are you think of the time but I thought that was pretty cool. A couple of other neat things that are out there. I’ve also been a big fan of these Chromebooks before, especially for people who are not real computer people who don’t really have understand everything that’s been going on. There are new Chromebooks that have been released. These things are basically laptop, they cannot run any Microsoft software. So if you have to use Word or you have to use another Windows application, it’s not going to work on the However, they are as secure as anything out there on the consumer market today. And we’re seeing more and more of those. HP just introduced a brand new one on the Consumer Electronics Show. We’ve got new drives hard disk drives, the little portable ones that you can use on your computers. They’re all the way up to, for instance, LaCie has this five terabyte USB drive jacket. It’s incredible amounts of space. We’ve got folding, Nate, I don’t know if you heard about this, but it’s it’s a robot Jack that folds your clothes for you. Have you heard about this before?

Unknown 2:57
No, no, I have no idea. One of those.

Unknown 3:01
Yeah, I do too. It’s been three years. This is their third year at the Consumer Electronics Show. And it hasn’t taken off because they can’t get the technology right yet. So they remove the option of folding sheets. Because apparently it had a real hard time with folding sheets. But

Unknown 3:19
now it just like me check. But now it can fold your shirts, t shirts, collared shirts and fake cetera, which is really cool. You remember Marty McFly right back to the future. You remember the wall they had in the home with a huge TVs and they’d have different background screens and his boss would would call him up on the wall. Well, guess what just came from China. It’s called a wall and it is absolutely massive. This thing is actually a bunch of TVs strung together. You can’t see it. It’s 219 in the air

Unknown 4:03
watch. Yeah, you could watch the game

Unknown 4:07
play PlayStation while I’m doing it. That’s what I need. Let me get my wife on the phone. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The wall maybe. Maybe that will be the breaking the budget deal. Maybe it’s the chat that that’s the wall. They’re not building it on a concrete. They’re probably gonna steal

Unknown 4:18
right solution. He got

Unknown 4:22
it got a deal China for it. All right. Thanks, Craig. Good stuff and what stays in? What happens on your iPhone stays in your iPhone. Thank you, Craig. All right. Take care.


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