Saudi Ships Attacked – Brain Scans Reveal A Pokemon Region on NH Today WGIR-AM: [05/13/2019]

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Craig is on the Auto Fair listener lines with Jack Heath. Today they discussed the Pokemon region in the brain as well as what’s going on in the Middle East.

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Airing date: 05/13/2019

Saudi Ships Attacked – Brain Scans Reveal A Pokemon Region

Craig Peterson 0:00
Hey, good morning, everybody, Craig Peterson here. Well, have you wondered what’s going on in the Middle East and some of the technology we’re using and maybe China or Russia may end up using against us. So I talked about that this morning with Mr. Jack Heath, as well as a Pokemon region in the brain. My goodness, the things we’ve been doing to ourselves and we had no idea. So here we go with Mr. Jack Heath.

Jack Heath 0:28
Alright joining us now on the Auto Fair listener lines for a quick Tech Talk update. Our guy Craig Peterson host of Tech Talk. Craig Good morning. How are you?

Craig 0:37
A Good morning, Jack. You know, we’ve been talking about some of the tariffs and how it might be hurting individuals. It is worrying our tech sector, I think for a very, very good reason. We’ve got like Qualcomm, Broadcom have more than 60% of the revenue generated in China. And then we have the other side of this companies like Apple that has most their stuff manufactured in China. So we are going to see some increases in the prices of some of these goods. But the other thing that I think might be good from all of us, Jack is there are quite a few companies now that are looking to their manufacturing from China, to Central America as well as to Mexico. So we’re gonna see some real shifts because of these tariffs. 

Jack 1:24
Yeah, right now President Trump his economic advisor Larry Kudlow said they’re gonna hold the line and I guess China’s already responded saying June 1st, they’re gonna respond with some terrifying. Alright, we also have some tensions around the world in the in the Middle East, we have a Saudi Arabian oil tanker saying it was attacked, headed to the US. And of course, we have increased presence here worried about Iranian aggression. We have a Venezuela military, one of the leading military folks who have been really the only wall stopping Nicolas Maduro from collapsing, saying it’s time to kind of rise up and then of course, North Korea, the reason why I bring up these foreign policy touch points. Craig Peterson, as you look at technology plays a role in everything I just discussed, because you have advanced military weaponry, advanced military aircraft, and naval craft, but also technology. And I’m just curious, when you look at the world today, it’s a smaller place. We hear about things a lot faster, don’t we?

Craig 2:18
Yeah, we absolutely do. And when when we’re talking about technology and regular warfare, not this cyber warfare that North Korea and others are so good at. But we now have Russia and China with supersonic missiles, missiles that can shoot our warships right out of the water. So everything from the most simple little bomb that they can get up next to a wonder what warships through what might be happening now over there, where we have oil tankers that are being hit. All you need is just a small little skip a small boat with some explosives on board. And you can really slow down our international trade. But yeah, technology is huge. Were thinking about these things, we are monitoring them. But we also have our eyes in the sky over in the region that are keeping track of a lot of this stuff. And you can expect more and more as time goes on here, Jack.

Jack 3:13
All right. What else on your Tech Talk side catching as we head start off another week?

Craig 3:17
Well have real interesting studies that just came out about what’s called a Pokemon region in the brain. You know, we have Pokemon who came in number two this weekend. And they did lean on people who played Pokemon as kids. And the researchers learned that these people that play Pokemon have a region of their brain that seems to be dedicated to recognizing Pokemon characters more than any other pictures. So it’s interesting to think about, but my gosh, Jack, our kids are playing these video games, many of us are playing these video games. Who knows what happened to Justin when he was a kid? 

Jack 3:57
Well, that’s a big question we’ve all been asking this week and last week and the week before.

Justin 4:00 
I could confirm this. My daughter and my little nephew, Nate can identify and there’s like a billion Pokemon. They know every single damn one of them. And I don’t know how they do it.

Craig 4:11
Absolutely amazing. But it looks like it’s a physical change that has been made to these kids’ brains. It’s called it an eccentricity bias. I know I can say that. And it’s really interesting stuff. Expect more in the future here as we age and see what really happened to us from playing all those video games when we were younger.

Jack 4:31
Yeah, and we’re still studying Justin. That’s right.

Justin 4:34
I’m exceptional. That’s why.

Craig 4:36 
It will remain a mystery Right Justin?

Justin 4:37 

Jack 4:40  
All right, Craig. Thanks very much.

Craig 4:42
Hey, take care, guys.

Craig 4:43
Hey, I hope you guys all have a great week. I had. Of course, I’m going to be on the radio a few times and I have a couple of new things that are going to be coming out. So keep an eye out. If you have been wondering what you should do about your security, particularly with the summer coming up and you’re not going to be around to guard your computers to guard the computers at the office, etc. We’re going to be doing some training on that again, some free training so keep an eye out. Take care everybody. Bye bye.