Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence and Psychotic Machines: AS HEARD ON – WTAG NewsRadio 580 [07-03-18]

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How do you feel about the coming Artificial Intelligence?  I spoke with Jim Polito today about two recent studies involving artificial intelligence and what they found. I know you will find them interesting.
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Airing date: 07/03/2018

Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence and Psychotic Machines

Craig Peterson:[00:00:00] Hey, everybody. Jim Polito has got to get those phone lines fixed I called him again this morning. And what happens is, that it really sounds hollow and tinny on my side and just as bad on the side. Well, I assume they’ll eventually get that fixed. I guess we’ll see. But this morning, hey this is a big deal. Artificial intelligence, this morning I explained to Jim here, and to all of his listeners, he’s got a huge show number one in central and western Massachusetts, It’s crazy. But, anyway so millions of people out there, I explained to him and the listeners and of course now to you, right. The difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning, and I gave examples of two different pieces of artificial intelligence that have been in the news over the last month, and it’s dramatic. It’s scary but you need to understand this, and also which devices are safe to use. Who’s tracking you and why? All of that right here, so, here we go.

[00:01:08] Our good friend Craig Peterson still having trouble getting connected with him. But we will. And, meanwhile what he’s going to talk about.

[00:01:18] When you can get at the end of the segment here, we’re going to give you a number, and you text my name to that number. And Craig Peterson will send you a whole bunch of information. He won’t annoy you he won’t pester you, and he’ll just send you important things like when there are big hacks and things. Standard data and text rates apply. But here he is, Craig. I was just telling everyone how I forgot to wish you a very Happy Canada Day.

[00:01:46] Yes, that’s right.

[00:01:49] I missed Canada Day Sunday, July 1st.

[00:01:52] I should have had a Molson or Labatt or a Musette, I like Moosehead here. So, yeah, it’s like a cool time of year. You know we’ve got all kinds of celebrations. I’ve got a mom who’s got like 10 birthdays, Wow. This is for our family here.

[00:02:16] You’re a busy guy, Craig Peterson, busy. OK, Craig, it’s time for you to give us the creepy story and scare us to death about a guy that can predict the future. That’s I mean, I wanted to predict certain things like the power ball. I don’t want him predicting other things.

[00:02:34] Yeah, Well this is this is scary. No question about it. You know we’ve, we don’t have, a yes, real artificial intelligence that that kind of thinks for itself not yet, it’s not even born yet, really, frankly. Hey now, what, No, in reality, it is just Machine Learning. This is something that we’ve been working on for a very long time. And machine learning is where a machine can observe a theme and then make some assumptions based on off of those observations, right. That’s the machine learning, that’s kind of where we’re at today. Artificial intelligence is coming around the corner, but it’s not quite here yet. And, it’s what scaring the living daylights out of everybody. What you’re talking about right now is very, very, impressive because I sent this article to you talking about this one, study that has been done, and what they did is say they’ll see this artificial intelligence, and they watched some video, and this is really kind of interesting too, and we’re talking about the video, and what they were doing. But bottom line this is at the University of Bonn, over in Germany, and they said they watched about 40 different cooking videos. So, these were videos where people were cooking the different thing from salads to dinner. OK. Nothing, we would be terribly worried about.

[00:04:14] And the computer then learned, OK and so it’s watching these videos about cooking and it learned. OK, we like that. We wanted to do that stuff

[00:04:28] Actually, right, That’s right. Now, this particular took over a place a little different than what we had just about a month ago where they said the machine learning this. They said it read a channel or somebody would read it at all.

[00:04:46] Read it. Oh, I know. Read it. Yeah, yeah.

[00:04:49] And, that people were talking, it’s like a big old-fashioned board. This REDDIT. It ended up being psychotic, and everything they asked.

[00:05:01] Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on a second. You are now assigning reading. So, Reddit which is a program which is you know an app and everything else. OK. And it’s got a guy in it, to do some stuff. You’re saying that the AI in Reddit that would be like saying the AI in Facebook became psychotic. You’re basically assigning a human psychiatric disorder. To

[00:05:28] Map a program, a Web site.

[00:05:32] Yeah that’s exactly what happened, this is an MIT. OK, not too far away. No. And then they made this little machine learning that way. They said it looked at the darkest corners of Reddit, to be honest about it. But they said, it just got sent to the bulletin board these people chatting back and forth about how they ended up having to name it.

[00:05:55] Norman, what they named it. Well, first of all, you name someone Norman, in all due respect, to normal is out there you’re going to automatically become psychotic, it’s like you name someone, Jeeves.

[00:06:07] Have to grow up to be a butler to those people, Right. So, this MIT named this the world’s first psychopath.

[00:06:19] Who were we, were we feeding that all too, say that now, you’ve seen these Rorschach ink.

[00:06:26] Yes, yes, like they show you the ink blot test. And most people look at them. It’s a psychological test and say every time they look at the blot, they say, I see a naked woman. And now people see the blot and tell the therapist what they saw in it, and it’s supposed to show some things in their subconscious. What they have written ordinarily offer up, or wouldn’t be able to know that, or even there and offer up his, or her trying to do is get to expose what your normal thinking is.

[00:07:02] Yeah, Oh yeah. You see that naked woman, are you? You don’t see this, or you like that, they bad this artificial intelligence. Well, in one of those and artificial intelligence came back, and said things like a man is shot dead, a man jumps from the window. Man is electrocuted and is hacked to death. It was just a man get pulled into a snow machine. All of them. OK, so it’s totally massively Norman bait. Wow. So, that was just was last month, this month out of Germany we have we have our latest greatest clue. And, this one observing the Food Network. OK. Yeah. And, so they let us learn from watching cooking and then what they did is they said it just some very short videos and after that asked what’s going to happen next. And as long as the prediction was only maybe 20-30 seconds into the future, it was actually very, very, accurate. And remember they only added 40 videos. It’s not as though one of these machines could possibly go online and find videos to ingest anywhere. There’s no YouTube. It just won’t. When actually, I guess, YouTube does have some video. So, what’s going to happen when we start feeding this type of information into the computers now. Now let’s talk about our system. People out there have assistant systems for a home to go home. You’ve got your own theory which is the most popular one of them, both Google and Amazon right.

[00:08:52] You’ve got your Amazon echoes all those things floated by the way everybody thinks Google is going to win. Why are they going to win the war when it comes to the virtual assistant, why, they have your e-mail. They have your calendars. They know where you go. They know where you are, what you know, the restaurants you’re in. They basically know everything, now in the last four months. Google has tripled the number of hardware devices, that are using them. So, this year so far there are 16 hundred devices that have this type of intelligence built since and now we’re up to five thousand now. Amazon still dominates that field. They’ve got 12000 different devices, that they have there. And this is going to be a race of races as Apple, Google, Amazon are racing to have these machine learning, the system because already Google system will look at your calendar and will tell you, hey listen I just checked your calendar and you have a meeting down here in Boston and in the traffic right now there’s an accident on the pike, there is this other alternate route and that’s going to take an extra 20 minutes and I know it takes you 20 minutes just to get into the car so you better go right now.

[00:10:22] They’re watching me.

[00:10:25] And, then we had more phone problems. But, yes they are watching you. The thing to remember here is that the only one of these major companies that are absolutely dedicated to your privacy are our friends over at Apple, so keep that in mind. They do gather some information but, anything that leaves your phone is anonymized. They have no way to figure out who it was that said something, did something, went somewhere. It does store information but only on your phone. But remember that phones encrypted, it’s protected, and it is not used for marketing or maybe even used for evil. Hey, did you notice the Google took to do no evil out of their corporate motto? The Web site, anyways. You don’t. Don’t be evil, that’s what it was. It’s gone now over Google, anyways. Have a great day. Have a great Independence Day, or Canada Day whatever it is coming up your way. It’s a busy month here for us, in my family and it’s a great month. I’m actually for the first time, in a long time, I’m actually enjoying summer this year. Even though the temperatures have been horrific, 103 degrees here in New Hampshire which is where I live, Live Free or Die, or Live Fry or Die Today. Anyways we definitely have a big heat wave enters this summer, right if you like summer, you put up with the heat. And I am actually enjoying summer this year, the heat is just not bothering me as much as it used to. Take care, Have a great day. Bye-Bye.

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