5G Will Be Built-In to Almost Every Device Later This Year — Is Your Security Stance Ready?

With 5G on the horizon, we are starting to see a significant expansion of the “Internet of Things” — and it is creating a huge security challenge for businesses! A bigger attack surface at your business = more security breaches.


All businesses are going to be adopting 5G technology, knowingly or unknowingly. We all need to be sure that this endless number of IoT devices within your organization is secured from day one. Each new device increases the likelihood of a successful attack on your network.


Productivity, monitoring, and tracking are all going to improve, so the temptation to bring in these new 5G devices won’t be resisted. Still, keep in mind that these devices were brought to market to fulfill a need quickly but not necessarily with security first and foremost in mind.


Worse yet, many of these new devices may not ever be secured because they are not patchable or updateable.