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Living In A Simulation: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [04-16-19]

Living In A Simulation: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [04-16-19] On This Episode...Are we living in a simulation? Craig is on the Jim Polito show this Tuesday morning as they discuss this possibility.  Related Articles Are We Living In A Simulation? This MIT Scientist Says...

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Data Breach against AZ Medicaid Agency

Who: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System When: 11 Mar 2019 # of records involved: 3,100 individuals What happened: Thousands of Arizonans were affected by a data breach earlier this year that targeted the state’s Medicaid agency. How did it happen: An internal...

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MongoDB database Leaks Business Intelligence Data

Who: Website When: 7 Mar 2019 # of records involved: 809 million records What happened: Security researchers Bob Diachenko and Vinny Troia discovered an unprotected, publicly accessible MongoDB database containing 150 gigabytes of detailed, plaintext...

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Ransomware Attacks Taos Public Schools

Who: Taos schools When: 21 Mar 2019 # of records involved: undetermined What happened: A ransomware attack that knocked out the district's digital services How did it happen: Taos Schools suffered a cyber attack, with hackers demanding $5,000 in cash as ransom for the...

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Your Car Is Watching You. Who Owns The Data?

Your Car Is Watching You. Who Owns The Data? If you’re driving a late model car or truck, chances are that the vehicle is mostly computers on wheels, collecting and wirelessly transmitting vast quantities of data to the car manufacturer not just on vehicle performance...

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