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How To Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location

How To Stop Apps From Tracking Your LocationAt least 75 companies receive people’s precise location data from hundreds of apps whose users enable location services for benefits such as weather alerts, The New York Times found. The companies use, store or sell the...

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Facebook Never Really Cared About Connecting The World

Facebook Never Really Cared About Connecting The WorldOne of the most revealing lines in a newly released trove of internal Facebook emails comes from a 2015 discussion about a new type of data that the company wanted to start collecting. Specifically, Facebook wanted...

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Are Your Holiday Gifts Safe?

Are Your Holiday Gifts Safe?Teddy bears that connect to the internet. Smart speakers that listen to commands. Great gifts—unless they spy on you. We created this guide to help you look at this year’s gifts and decide if you might want to return them. Some are better...

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Delete All Your Apps

Delete All Your AppsThe New York Times published a horrifying investigation in which the publication reviewed a huge, “anonymized” dataset of smartphone location data from a third-party vendor, de-anonymized it, and tracked ordinary people through their day-to-day...

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