Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath and we discussed a critical patch that was announced on Friday and is so dangerous that the Fed’s gave their system administrators until today to get their servers patched up.  Also, Microsoft announced 129 Critical patches on Tuesday — Patch, Patch, Patch!  Then we talked about some good economic news. Here we go with Jack. 

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, had a quick hit with Jack this morning up on New Hampshire today. We did talk a little bit about well, politics, really. What is going on with e-commerce and why did the federal government only give its own administrators 24 hours, basically to get this done? Zero log-on. Man, what a problem?

Jack Heath: [00:00:23] We appreciate it earlier. He yielded because of all the talk of the Supreme court, Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy with a quick moment or two on a tech talk point, or maybe tell us what his thoughts are when it comes to tech. Good morning.

Craig Peterson: [00:00:36] Hey, good morning, Jack. There is a huge warning that just came out.

It’s unprecedented. This is from Homeland security. I’ve got to make sure that our listeners understand this. This came out Friday and they gave the federal government system administrators until today to patch windows, there is what’s called a zero log-in vulnerability in windows servers. You can ask your tech people what that means, but bottom line check with them today. Make sure they know about this.

Microsoft released a hundred patches for 129 vulnerabilities, last Tuesday. This particular patch has been out now for about a month. Jack, we’ve got to make sure that people are patching and patching quickly. Get it done.

Some good news on the eCommerce retail front. They are expecting a thirty percent year over year increase in shopping online this year.

Black Friday might end up being truly a great day to go into the black for retailers again this year. Even with all of the people sitting at home, but maybe that’s what spurred it in the first place.

Jack Heath: [00:01:48] Yeah. Who knows what that’s going to look like? Right? From a retail online, you’d have to think the scales are online.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:55] Yes, they absolutely are. And they are seeing right now I’m looking at numbers showing some really big deals out there, but this is going to continue. The trend is expected to hit six and a half-trillion dollars here in about two more years, online sales. It’s just growing dramatically and I think this whole COVID thing, shopping from home, really gave it a big kick in the pants.

We’ve got Walmart out there now just really going head to head with Amazon.

Jack Heath: [00:02:24] Oh, it’s huge. I mean, you know, it used to be, you only heard about this during the holiday season, multiple packages on the porch. Take a walk in your neighborhood, the driving, the delivery people have been some of the busiest people of all time. Between Amazon, the post office, private deliverers. I mean, people will deliver packages to one resident sometimes it’s like six times a day. That porch has packages. All right, Craig. Thank you.

Craig Peterson: [00:02:46] Take care.

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I had a lot of responses to over the weekend to our newsletter because we’ve got this new, Ask Craig column and people are asking. So that’s really helping out with businesses and in a few people with some home issues. In fact, there was a big question. I am going to try and answer this week about home routers and some of the problems he’s having.

So anyway, I’ll keep an eye out, a big week this week, and Craig peterson.com/subscribe.

Take care, everybody. Bye-bye.

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