Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath this morning. We discussed Iran, The Broadcom chipset in cable modems that makes them vulnerable to attack, How Amazon is changing it’s delivery model and most importantly if you use Firefox, the Patch that is available. Here we go with Jack.

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Good morning, everybody. It’s another week we got a lot of fun stuff we’re going to be doing this week. Thanks for joining me this morning. Or we talked about the latest in security. Jack talked, a fair amount, about what’s happening in Iran right now with some of the demonstrations anti-government demonstrations going on. And so we took a slightly different angle, but what is Iran doing? And what can you do about it? That was this morning with Mr. Heath.

Jack Heath
Our Tech Talk Guru, Craig Peterson, joins us live now. I had a chuckle over the weekend on Sundays. In the past, I saw a lot of US mail trucks delivering Amazon packages, but this past week, and I saw a lot of Amazon prime vans. Is Amazon going to try to take over their delivery?

Craig Peterson
Well, those vans are not Amazon-owned. We have all kinds of individual contractors now who have bought routes and that have their own equipment. I have a friend of mine who has done precisely that. He’s bought a bunch of these sprinter vans. They’re all branded Amazon now, and he’s hiring guys to go out and make the deliveries. Amazon is getting to the point where they’re using only contractors and are saving a lot of money in doing this. They’ve entirely severed ties with FedEx, which upset a few people. It did not hurt FedEx’s bottom line. But this is a considerable change, Jack.

Jack Heath
Interesting. What else is catching your eye on the high tech side of things?

Craig Peterson
Some big news this morning, first of all, we know that Iran is attacking us and that Firefox is vulnerable. A very, very big deal right now, so make sure you patch Firefox if you use it as your browser. It’s an excellent browser to use. I certainly recommend it over Internet Explorer, but with Firefox, it will self-update. Make sure it’s updated, and the second Big thing is over 2 billion. Cable modems are known now to be vulnerable to a dangerous new attack. So I guess the bottom line this week, Jack is to make sure everything’s patched up to date because Iran is after us. They’ve increased their attacks by more than 50% in one week. So this is a bad time to have unpatched computers because they’re trying to destroy our machines. They are wiping them when they can get their hands on them.

Jack Heath
Listen, not to advise Iran, but if they were going to do something like that, can they start with the companies that hold my wife student loan debt, because that would be nice to have it all wiped out.

Craig Peterson
That would be a great idea. They are going after banking, businesses, and government, but they are trying to hurt the job makers in the United States. They are trying to nail small companies. So if your wife’s loan is in a small business, maybe they’ll get nailed, and they’ll lose all the information. Who knows?

Jack Heath
All right, Craig. His Tech Talk show airs Saturday morning, or Saturday, midday, and I heard you are on some new stations, Craig making the good money. Thank you.

Craig Peterson
Take care. Bye. If any of you guys out there are having a little advice for me on this, I’d love to know. I was on the Oversight Board. I was the chairman of the board for a State Agency, and we’re supposed to be providing oversight for it. I ended up not accepting the nomination for another term, I guess that is the right word, for my position on this oversight board because we could not investigate things. I’m the freakin Oversight Board Chairman. Why can’t I look at records or look at individual cases that the State was investigating? The State got to pick the situations I would look at, which was infuriating to me because it’s a federally mandated oversight board. And I just don’t get it anyhow. Right now, it seems that there is some lawsuit activity going on concerning this board. I am not sure that what I have to say would be valuable or not. What do you guys think? Should I contact the lawyers involved? Contact my lawyer? I don’t know if any of you guys have any opinions on this. What is the right way to go? I think there are some substantial abuses, and they indeed are alleged in this lawsuit. I did not see these abuses because they would not let me investigate. I don’t know if it would muddy the waters or muddy my name. I have no idea. I don’t know that I’d be of much use. But it upset me at the time, even though it was several years ago. But anyway, so like, I’d love to know. Hey, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, if there’s some training, you’d like to make sure you email me at Craig Peterson calm. Sorry to put you guys into this. Maybe I shouldn’t have, I don’t know. We’ll be back tomorrow more than likely with Mr. Pulido. Take care of your body and keep an eye out because I have some I think cool pieces of training coming up here. Some pop-up training and Morgan do some webinars in the next couple of weeks. Take care. Bye-bye.

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