Good morning, everybody. I was on with Mr. Jim Polito this morning and we talked about passwords and why what you think about their security is changing and I reveal a way you can check to see if your password has been compromised.  So, here we go with Mr. Polito.

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Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on this morning with Mr. Jim Polito, even though I was on the road, and we talked about what turns out to be one of the top questions I get, and I gave some, I think real solutions to everybody. And I hope, by the way, you guys enjoyed the pop-up training that I had last week. I’ve been doing these on both VPN and mobile devices. There’s a lot more training coming up and some classes and courses and, it’s really the time to learn because we’ve got to take care of these security problems we all seem to have. Anyhow, here we go with Mr. Polito,

Man. He’s on top of it all for us joining us. Real Canadian who isn’t bothered by the cold? Craig Peterson. Good morning, Craig.
Good morning, Jimmy. I’ll answer the question. Yes. The economy is better than it was.

Because you deal with businesses. course you’re always busy. Yeah, the new. The new normal was supposed to be less than 2% growth every year.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Things are great. You know, I held a pop up-training last week gym for people. And it was just amazing. I would say three-quarters of the people on the call, of course, are talking about security and VPN, mobile devices, everything. Three-quarters of the people on the call were business people whose businesses were

You don’t have to, you don’t have to convince me. I get it. They are growing. All right. And as a business grows, the opportunity for the hackers grows now. You see some interesting material here and folks at the end of this segment will tell you how you can get this material from Craig yourself and be one of his buddies and get information in a timely fashion. But complex versus length of passwords password. It almost sounds like chicken or egg. It almost sounds like heredity or environment. It sounds like an age-old debate. So what’s better a long password that I’ll never remember, or a complex password that I’ll never remember?

Either way, right?

It kind of dies. Here’s the whole thinking on this password thing has changed over the last two years or five years really used to be only you need to have uppercase, lowercase numbers, special character symbols, and everything. And that was kind of back in the day. Now the problem is if you have an eight-character password, which is awesome. Yeah, yeah. And a pair character password with every wrench and character, everything you can think of this busy random eyes can be cracked in less than seven minutes. You mean a supercomputer can basically do it now compete with GPUs. So the graphics cards that you have in your computers now, yeah, I’ve been harnessed to crack passwords. It’s just incredible. And if you look at some of the older passwords are the ones prior to the latest versions of Windows 10. Those can be cracked in a matter of 30 seconds for windows passwords. Now if you have upgraded to the latest versions of Windows 10 on Windows, and you have reset your password, it takes longer to crack but most people just upgrade and keep you know they don’t buy They’re changing, right? And they cracked in 30 seconds. It’s crazy.

I am. I hate to admit to you, but you know, it’s kind of like going to the dentist and saying, Yeah, I know I don’t brush before I go to bed. It’s basically what I’m doing now was telling you Yeah, Craig, I don’t brush before I go to bed.

Sorry. Here’s the trick now with a link is the important part of a password. And you don’t need to have upper and lowercase characters or numbers or symbols. Because now it’s your computing power. It’s just so available that it’s your computing power. So if you can get your, your passcodes up to 12 characters console from seven minutes to crack Jim up to a century.

All right, okay, well, I’m not gonna be around at 100 years, so that would be good. So Amen. So it seems to me like exponentially it increases. So what do I need? 12 characters need a minimum of props on my iPhone. I have a 12 digit basketball. Oh my god, I just
I just added the one I upgraded to the six when I got my new phone because I had to. Yeah, I’m on the I’m on the six. Oh god. Yeah.
I’m never gonna remember 12.

Six is way better than four. Let me tell you.

Totally. Here’s a trick for everybody. First of all, just come up with a passphrase because on your iPhone and your Android computers. You don’t have to use get that you can use a frame right? about something that that that that’s kind of unique to you. That you can remember Jim

Jim, I want to give you a website, everybody a website here to check out. It’s called have you been PWNED. Now Pawned dispelled PWNED but you can just search for porn. And you can put your email address and to that website and it’ll tell you about all the places your username, email and password show up on the dark web.

And it has a password section you’ll see a tab at the top, you just click passwords and type in the password you think you want to use and it’ll tell you if it’s this great as Jim is a blowhard when it comes to passwords, okay?

Right now hold on a second. Okay.

A note I’m putting in my email oh no PWNED in to breach sites and found no pastes. What does that mean?

What that means it’ll tell you what site your password using respond on. In other words, those sites are where they knew about you and the site was broken into, and they were able to grab all of your information. Now the pastes are, there’s a site out there called paste band, and that’s used by a lot of hackers. Share passwords, usernames, emails, Stop. So they’re just telling you that they haven’t found the check the pace. I couldn’t find it anywhere on page sites. You are you have been part of two branches that they know.
Okay, well, we know about that because I think we talked about them and I’m trying to think of what it was. Who it was it a retailer, that was breached. I’m trying to think of where that was. Okay, so, so at least I didn’t get pasted somewhere where people said, All right, let’s take this and sell it or use it.

Yeah, exactly. And by the way, I’ve been giving a top reaches Ok. So there are many others that maybe haven’t been
taught. We don’t.

Yeah, that we don’t talk about exactly. So it is free for anybody. When you’re talking about the password, if you come up with one, click on the passwords tab at the top, and type the password in you think you want to use and it’ll tell you if it’s a common enough password. You shouldn’t use it. And here’s why. The bad guys have a list of over a billion passwords that people typically use, you know, you have the standard ones like password, which is there all, but it has all these articles that have been breached. So it’ll tell you, hey, you off on someone else use that password before, because what the balls of the ball too, is they just try these passwords these billion passwords against your account when they get when they hack into a website. Let’s say passwords are encrypted. And so they try and pick your password to figure out do your possible so they can now log into the
ability to run it all. They’re able to run it all and do it so I guess I should get rid of the password as my password right? Yes, nobody wouldn’t. Nobody would think of that. Craig. 

I came up with it. I said to my wife, isn’t it? I got the best password. It’s PASSWORD.  It was like we had the conversation of Abbott and Costello who’s on first? All right. So how do people get this information from you, Craig? They want they text My name to what number
285 55. And I’ll send you my weekly newsletter. That has this article and many others. 855-385-5553

Alright, standard data and text rates apply, but you heard it. This is the man we did it live on the air. So you should try it yourself. Craig. Thanks so much, buddy. We’ll talk to you next week. Bye-bye. All right, a final word when we return. You’re listening to the Jim Pulido show your safe space.

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